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5 Reasons Why Every International School In Borivali Believes In Information Literacy!

5 Reasons Why Every International School In Borivali Believes In Information Literacy!


The one thing that comes to mind when talking about information literacy is how in this day and age it is actually pretty easy to find information. Within our hands these days lay the most important tool we can use to gather more information about anything and everything and that is none other than our smartphones. While it does help in learning processes, it can also make an individual extremely lazy to build on skills as there is a device to teach them whatever they’d like right at their fingertips. As skills such as critical thinking take a plunge post smartphone era, here are a few reasons why information literacy is brought back to life by every International school in Borivali.

What is Information Literacy?

As you know there are different types of literacy such as financial literacy, emotional literacy, etc. Literacy in its most basic term basically means knowledge that one possesses in a specific area. To walk you through what information literacy is, we can combine the basic meaning of literacy with the word information. In combining it, it is as simple as understanding the information presented to you as smoothly as you can so that you can apply it in your daily life. It is easy to buy your lessons at school but it isn’t that easy if one has to apply them in real life. It was observed in every acclaimed school in Borivali that without equipping students with the application skills that will help long term, there was no point in the education they received.

In simple terms, information literacy is actually an umbrella of sorts with many different types of literacy such as computer literacy, literary literacy, media literacy, network literacy, and visual literacy being a few of the important factors and of course with critical thinking being at the top of it all. It is important to understand that information literacy helps you use all of the given above factors and help you use it in different real-life situations as and when required.

On application one International school in Borivali west introduced the importance of information literacy and found out that the benefits were numerous. Read on to find out more and do answer the question at the end!

Benefits of information literacy

  1. Promotes problem-solving and helps children make more informed decisions.

Information literacy helps schools mold their students into handling their decisions better because the education that is imparted to them isn’t just empty words in their minds but it is transferred into something more solid. CBSE schools in Borivali made it a practice to ensure that education’s end goal of making a difference in the lives of students is reflected.

  1. When combined with media literacy it creates the best results for your child

Not only does it help in enhancing your child’s awareness of the world around them that they live in but it also ensures that they know better about their rights as an individual. When applied to teachers it ensures that the teacher is more informed and helps them equip their students with the knowledge and skills they pick up.

  1. A more inquiry-based learning is put in place

 There are more doubts raised in the minds of children when they think more about the subjects taught rather than just absorb the information. It helps in feeding the curious minds and allowing more growth to happen. Inquisitive minds are one of the best as then learning becomes more wholesome and interactive.

  1. Sharpen thinking skills

In most real life situations or even in any problem one has to solve on paper, it is important to understand the steps to achieve the desired result and also when it comes to real life the effects of their actions and most importantly what their action plan will comprise of. The ability to think outside the box is also a skill that can be honed eventually through this method. 

  1. Understanding teamwork and being a better team player

Information literacy makes students question a lot of ideas present to them hence making them quite hungry for more information and trying to get it to amalgamate with past information. It’s observed in every international school in Borivali that team players are born from the will to question and be better at what they know. Knowing soft skills is as important and this helps in sharpening them. 


It is important to note the need for these skills to develop, and for it to develop there is a need to increase one’s information literacy. Borivali schools have also noticed how sharpening a child’s information literacy helps in allowing the child to improve his or her quality of assignments and that these students were less intimidated by the information explosion at any later part of their life and IT. Orchids The International School urges its students to think critically and develop essential skills to become an informed citizens through its Life Skill Programme. As this form of literacy requires the collaboration of educators, it is found only in school in Borivali where trained teachers help facilitate the same. Do let us know in the comments below what did you know about Information Literacy before this article and your views on it being infused with teaching!