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Best Cbse Schools In Kolkata 2021-22 | Orchids The International School

Orchids The International School in Kolkata is truly a leading center of immersive learning. Being one of the most sought-after CBSE International schools in Kolkata, we are proud to impart knowledge by blending modern techniques with indigenous methodologies. Our school has been honored with the prestigious Asian Education Leadership Awards and Times Education Survey multiple times. Our team of experts at Orchids The International School has a novel teaching technique that uses subject-specific kits that make classes engaging.

We created an immersive teaching environment that seamlessly integrates real-life experience with the CBSE school curriculum. This has helped us be the top CBSE International Schools in Kolkata. With the sheer number of schools in Kolkata, it is not surprising that the competition for being the best CBSE school in Kolkata is a tough one. Striving hard to empower our students with a 360-degree holistic development through innovations and fun visualization, quizzes, and interactive 3D modules have rightly earned us a slot in the list of best international schools in Kolkata. At Orchids the International School, we believe that along with academic intellect, it is also necessary for the students to find their passion and pursue it. Our world-class infrastructure gives our students numerous opportunities to try different activities and see what they excel in. This helps our students build self-confidence and get ready for anything that life may throw their way.

The overall growth of our students is not the only priority at Orchids The International School. We also do our best to ensure our student’s safety and security within the premises. With around-the-clock monitoring with CCTV cameras, parents know that their children are safe and comfortable at the school. After all, a school is a child’s second home, which encourages them to learn effectively.

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