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Orchids The International School Jabalpur

One of India's Leading CBSE Schools in Jabalpur

One of India's Leading CBSE Schools in Jabalpur

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CBSE School Admission & Fees Structure in Jabalpur for 2024-25

Education in Jabalpur encompasses a diverse and vibrant landscape of educational institutions that cater to the academic needs of students at various le more

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You can connect with us online or offline to know more about CBSE school admissions in Orchids The International School, Kolkata. The school counselor connects with the parents to share all relevant information.

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Fee Structure for Schools in Jabalpur

CBSE Schools in Jabalpur
Monthly Fee (₹)

ORCHIDS The International School, Bhedaghat Road, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh.

₹ 4,200 - 7,200

CBSE Application Form for Jabalpur

The parents are then requested to purchase the Admissions/Application Kit worth Rs. 200 from the School Admission Application Form. To proceed further, parents will submit the Application Form for their child’s school admission with all necessary documents. If the admission is for Grade 6 and above, the child has to undergo an online Baseline Assessment Test.Parents can confirm the admission by paying Rs. 11,300/- (Registration amount - Rs.1300/- and Admission Blocking amount - Rs. 10,000/-).

Document Required

3 passport size photo - student

3 passport size photgraphs-father & mother/ guardian

Declaration form


Birth certificate

Medical form

Original TC*

Transport* requisition form

Marks* statement copy


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