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What is a Calculator?

A calculator is an electronic device that is used to do mathematical calculations. It performs arithmetic operations on numbers. Basic calculators can perform mathematical calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Calculators usually include an 8-to-12-digit display. There are also physical keys where students can manually enter the desired digit. Basic calculators usually run on batteries.

Why do we use Calculators?

To fast forward the calculation process and avoid errors is one of the basic reasons. Calculations can be stressful sometimes, and the calculator makes it reposeful for everyone. Calculators are simple and efficient devices for parents and students to solve complex operations. It is an essential tool for students.

The calculator allows students to save time from doing manual calculations. While using a calculator, students can do extensive calculations with accurate results in a short time.

Types of calculators

There are many types of calculators by which students can make the calculations easier. Here are some calculators which can be used to make calculations easier.

  1. Basic Calculators
  2. Math Calculators
  3. Physics Calculators
  4. Chemistry Calculators
List of Calculators
School Age CalculatorChild Education Calculator
Marks Percentage CalculatorPercentage Calculator
Multiplication CalculatorDivision Calculator
Addition CalculatorSquare Root Calculator
Basic CalculatorDiscount Calculator
Mass CalculatorPower Calculator
Wavelength CalculatorCompound Interest Calculator
Antilog CalculatorRegular Polygon Area Calculator
Log 2 CalculatorGravitational Force Calculator
Mod CalculatorVolume of Cuboid Calculator
Equivalent Weight CalculatorDiagonal of Rectangle Calculator
Volume of Hemisphere CalculatorGreater Than Less Than Calculator


Who invented the calculator?
How do calculators work?
When was the calculator invented?
What is a scientific calculator?

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