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What is a Converter?
The conversion tool converts the metric quantity of one unit to another without changing the equivalent amount. This process of converting one unit to another is called unit conversion.
The metric system is the globally accepted measurement system. In this metric system, units are assigned to different measurable properties. A unit is a predefined reference for measurement comparisons; for example- A unit of length can be measured in Millimeters(mm), Decimeters (dm), Centimeters (cm), Meters (m), and Kilometers(km).
Why do we use a Converter?
In mathematics, chemistry or physics, we require a conversion factor that converts one unit of measurement to another. Various units of conversion are used to measure various parameters.
For example, we can calculate weight in kilograms, pounds or tons as per our requirement. This user-friendly conversion tool helps us to perform calculations faster, and it displays the result in a fraction of a second.
Here, we can understand the unit conversions with the help of a unit conversion table.
Unit Conversion Table
Volume Unit Conversion
1 milliliter0.001 liter
1 centiliter 0.01 liter
1 deciliter 0.1 liter
1 decaliter 10 liters
1 hectoliter 100 liters
1 kiloliter1000 liters
1 cubic inch 1.639 × 10-2 liters
1 gallon 3.785 liters
1 cubic foot 28.316 liters
Length Unit Conversion
1 millimeter0.001 meter
1 centimeter 0.01 meter
1 decimeter 0.1 meter
1 decameter 10 meters
1 hectometer 100 meters
1 kilometer1000 meters
1 inch 2.54 × 10-2 meters
1 foot 0.3048 meters
1 angstrom 1 x 10-10 meters
1 fermi 1 x 10-15 meters
1 light year 0.946 x 1016 meters
1 mile 1.609344 kms
Mass Conversion
1 milligram0.001 gram
1 centigram0.01 gram
1 decigram0.1 gram
1 decagram10 gram
1 hectogram100 gram
1 kilogram1000 gram
1 stone6350.29 gram
1 pound453.592 gram
1 ounce28.3495 gram
Time Unit Conversion
1 minute60 seconds
1 hour 60 minutes / 3600 seconds
1 day 24 hours
1 week 7 days
1 year 365 days
Energy Unit Conversion
1 BTU (British thermal unit)1055 Joule
1 erg1×10-7 Joule
1 foot-pound1.356 Joule
1 calorie4.186 Joule
1 kilowatt-hour3.6×106 Joule
1 electron volt1.602×10-19 Joule
1 liter atmosphere101.13 Joule
Area Unit Conversion
1 sq. inch6.4516 x 10-4 square meter
1 sq. foot9.2903 x 10-2 square meter
1 acre4.0468 x 103 square meter
1 hectare1 x 104 square meter
1 sq. mile2.5888 x 106 square meter
1 barn1 x 10-28 square meter
Power Unit Conversion
1 erg/sec1 x 10-5 watt
1 BTU/hr0.2930 watt
1 foot-pound/sec1.356 watt
1 horsepower745.7 watt
1 calorie/sec4.186 watt
Force Unit Conversion
1 dyne1 x 10-5 Newton
1 pound4.448 Newton
Density Unit Conversion
1 slug/ cubic ft515.4 kilogram/ cubic meter
1 pound/ cubic in2.768 x 104 kilogram/ cubic meter
Viscosity Unit Conversion
1 poise0.1 kg/m.s
1 slug/ft4.79 x 101 kg/m.s
Benefits of Converters for Students
  1. The converter contributes to accuracy and avoids confusion in measurement.
  2. The converter helps to measure the physical properties of any object accurately.
  3. It helps to make calculations easier to perform and understand using a metric measurement system.


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