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Cubic Feet To Litre Converter

Cubic foot and liter are two units of volume measurement. Cubic foot is a unit of volume in the Imperial and United States customary systems of measurement, while liter is a unit of volume that is accepted for use with the International System of Units (SI). In this article, we will discuss how to convert cubic foot to liter.

What is cubic foot to liter conversion?

Cubic foot to liter conversion is a process of converting a volume in cubic feet to its equivalent volume in liters.

The conversion factor for cubic foot to liter is1 cubic foot = 28.3168466 liters.

How does Cubic Foot to Liter Conversion Work?

The conversion from cubic feet to liters is based on the following formula:

Volume(liters) = Volume(cubic feet) × 28.3168466

This formula helps users convert volumes accurately, maintaining precision in various applications.


Example 1:

Volume in Cubic Feet: 3

Volume = Volume in cubic feet × 28.3168466

Volume = 3 ft 3 × 28.3168466

Result: 84.950 liters

Example 2:

Volume in Cubic Feet: 5.5

Volume = Volume in cubic feet × 28.3168466

Volume = 5 ft 3 × 28.3168466

Result: 155.74 liters

Example 3:

Volume in Cubic Feet: 8

Volume = Volume in cubic feet × 28.3168466

Volume = 8 ft 3 × 28.3168466

Result: 226.534 liters


Why do I need to convert from cubic feet to liters?
Can I use this converter for any volume measurement?
Is the conversion factor constant for all materials?

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