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Which board is best for IIT

Which board is best for IIT

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When it comes to IIT, Indian parents hassle over getting their children selected at any cost, but we all know that the seed to be an IITian needs to be sown from the very beginning in the child’s learning process.
Before we dive into the pros and cons of which board is better for students aspiring to be an IITian or in general, whether it is CBSE, ICSE, or even state board. We need to understand what exactly they are and how they are going to impact our children starting from their first day at school.

ICSE vs CBSE Board

Gone are the days when students get worried about whether to take science or not or when parents used to get worried about whether the school is right for their child’s future and learning behavior. The real question parents are troubled over these days is which board will be better for our child’s overall education and skill development.

For your preparation of IIT, you can go to any board. As at the end of the day, it is the sheer will of a student or an IIT aspirant that sets the difference. But if you have to choose, we would advise you to opt for the CBSE board. The reason behind this is that among both these boards, ICSE is the tough one.

Yes, you read that right.

Be it a parent or a student, they must understand that they should strive for the best, and the more challenging it gets, the more confident they become with their knowledge and skills.

Be it CBSE or ICSE; both are famous in India. Soon after the child is born, it becomes a household topic of debate about enrolling the child in a CBSE board or an ICSE board school.

Each child is different in its way; some see clouds where others see the sky, and this very decision in which board the child will study plants the very seed of difference and outstanding development.

Let’s walk through every aspect to understand which board is better if you’re aspiring to be an IITian.


ICSE syllabus has a firm hand on practical knowledge and critical viewing. You will find that the CBSE board’s syllabus will be helpful if you are preparing for competitive exams like IIT JEE or NEET, etc. Because CBSE Syllabus is better in theoretical knowledge.


ICSE has a particular preference for the English language for exams like TOEFL. In contrast, CBSE has a more compact and structured syllabus and does not incline higher English. In the debate of ICSE vs. CBSE, if we go with the perception of IIT JEE exams, the CBSE board has better scope in it.


ICSE certification is much preferred in foreign schools and universities, but the CBSE board shares the same reputation in all the colleges and universities across India. But in preparation for IIT, this shall never be a point of concern for you as both the boards are equally reputed and recognized.

Level Of Explanation

This one comes with pros and cons of both where ICSE is extensive, CBSE has an easier approach towards education and learning. In the IIT preparation, CBSE can help you build a concept, whereas the ICSE board may offer you with a different set of approaches to solve the questions.

Difficulty Level

The ICSE syllabus owing to its internal assessments and concepts and practicals, ICSE syllabus, is considered to be more difficult than CBSE, but CBSE stands tall in theoretical knowledge.

Range Of Subjects

ICSE offers a wide range of languages as subjects to improve the linguality of a student. On top of that, ICSE offers subjects like fashion designing, agriculture, home science, and culinary for students who want to pursue a different profession set. ICSE syllabus is the practical option if you are willing to become an athlete, visual artist, scientist, or an all-rounder, but since you are in the preparation of IIT JEE, the CBSE board will give you a better hand at it.

All these smaller differences tend to bring a massive difference in the learning and preparation of IIT.

Grading System

CBSE board is an alphabetical based grading system. On the contrary, the ICSE board provides results in the numeric system, which draws a clear picture of how much a student has actually scored. This also helps you understand where you actually stand in your preparation for IIT.

Apart from this, there is a substantial amount of difference in the teaching style; both the boards CBSE and ICSE follow their particular approach to teach the next generation in a way they think is appropriate. Over the years, both the boards have acquired and introduced their teaching methodology, where students learn through experience and experimentation instead of textbook reading.

All this being said and observed where we are still not looking into the topics such as CBSE vs. SSC or ICSE vs. CBSE vs. SSC, but we cannot deny that both the boards are known for its colleges and universities.

Preparation For IIT

Indian parents always follow the notion that the CBSE board is not up to the level of ICSE. CBSE needs to improve its overall teaching technique when compared to the ICSE. ICSE prefers detailed study and emphasis more on English literature and language.

But when it comes to IIT, the statistics seem to differ. According to available data, more than half of the students who qualified for IIT in the yesteryear were from the CBSE. Nearly 56% percent of the whole qualified students were from the CBSE board joining the IIT.

Man reading while walking

Similarly, in 2011, the success rate of CBSE board students was 56 percent, and in 2010 it was 58 percent. This is more than sufficient evidence of a high percentage as compared to the ICSE board, which contributes to the fact that CBSE board students are giving their best qualifying to the IITs.

The recent revelation that more than half of the candidates who join Indian Institute of Technology (IITs) belong to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has raised the reputation of the CBSE board and encouraged the educationists to admire the unprecedented success of the CBSE students in the fiercely competitive IIT examination.


This debate is endless, and on neutral grounds, each board stands to its reputation. The critical aspect you need to remember is that each student excels at its speed and in its manner. This debate of ICSE vs. CBSE board will go on and on, while perception and recognition will incline you towards ICSE, statistics, and syllabus will guide you towards the CBSE board.

A student should always know this in their heart that any exam can be qualified; that’s what exams are made for. A syllabus, aboard, and a grading system may bring differences in the learning process, but the right student with the right approach will always crack the exam, whether IIT, CAT, or any other test.

Despite the chosen board, the way a student manages time develops his or her skill and problem-solving attitude, the dedication he or she puts towards studies matters in the preparation of IIT.

Education is not always about learning that’s exactly in the syllabus but about how a student perceives it and how he utilizes it to better his family and society.

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