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3 Ways To Engage Your Child At Home Via Online Learning

3 Ways To Engage Your Child At Home Via Online Learning


As children spend a lot of time at home these days, parents are looking for innovative ways to keep them engaged. These include online learning courses, indoor games for preschoolers, hands-on technology workshops, guided sessions, and webinars for sparking curiosity. These strategies help enhance the child’s love for their favourite subjects while keeping them engaged for long hours.

When it comes to the question – “How to Engage Your Child At Home” – parents are looking for

  • indoor activities for kids,
  • innovative games,
  • robotics activities, and
  • sports-driven pursuits,

To continue engaging the child throughout the week. Many kids are also learning life skills such as stress management, teamwork, and entrepreneurship. To make the most of their schedule, and this is one of the best ways online learning benefits our children in this digital age.

Parents are charting out specific time slots to help strengthen their familial bonds. It can be through fun-filled indoor games for preschoolers and engaging activities such as cooking, baking, playing, and colouring. These activities are critical to ensuring that kids feel closer to their parents during this time. They are motivated to continue developing their innate abilities. They are also one of the easiest activities when you think about engaging your child at home.

Let us review the best activities that we can participate in to engage your child at home.

Best Activities to Participate During Online Learning

Engage Your Child At Home during online learning

Online Learning

Online learning is one of the best ways to engage your child at home throughout the day. Children of all ages can follow an easy to understand curriculum and learn new skills through each course. It is widely considered to be one of the best indoor activities for kids, according to researchers. And it is directly linked to greater retention of new information. The best part of online learning sites is that children absorb more of what they are engaging with. The teachers can use interactive learning aids such as graphics, motion videos, etc.

Online learning is also an important tool that supplements a child’s existing school program. It teaches the necessary skills to help kids think outside the box. While schools are preparing young leaders to think more creatively, children can often learn new skills by themselves and online classes. Parents can browse through an array of interesting online learning courses, and let children make an informed decision about classes they love. From arts & creative writing to coding & mathematics, several value-packed courses are available online.

online learning homework

Many of the top schools in the world, including Orchids International School, offer highly impactful courses designed with the help of psychologists, teachers, and child specialists. These online learning courses enable kids to fall in love with the subject that they choose and learn organically through digital technology. Parents also have complete control over the child’s engagement with the online learning course, as they receive regular notifications and reports. Parents can also participate in these interactive online sessions to spark curiosity within these key subject areas.

Skill-Based Online Learning Games

Skill-based games positively challenge children and make them more aware of their capabilities. They are one of the best indoor activities for kids and highly effective to engage your child at home. These games help children think about problems from different angles. They reach their personal “Eureka moment” in their way, which keeps their inner spark alive to solve more challenges.

There is an ample number of online learning sites associated with different interests and age groups. For older children, robotics-based games are among the most popular indoor activities for kids during this time. These robotics-based games enable kids to learn about hardware and software at a younger age. They can develop their Arduino-based applications and learn how basic technology products at home function.

child engaged in online learning

The top indoor games for preschoolers are also being released with skill & accomplishment-based format embedded in them to keep children engaged. The young ones start to learn the valuable lesson of confidence once they master these indoor games for preschoolers and practice with their siblings. Online learning for kids is imperative in this digital age. More importantly, knowing how to engage your kids is key, which is why these indoor games for preschoolers help them understand the basic concepts of engineering and physics, when building bridges, cars, buildings, etc.

Parents are also designing weekly indoor activities for kids in the form of projects, that target specific skills in games. This affects the neuroplasticity of the child’s brain and how well they adapt to new world challenges. By playing with popular indoor games for preschoolers, such as Rubik’s cubes, puzzles, drawing projects, and magic games, parents help build confidence, presentation skills, and on-the-spot problem-solving skills.

Practising Life Skills

One of the most important areas on how to engage your child at home is to focus on life skills development. These are critical to work on, especially when the child is beginning to understand their abilities. Practising life skills such as social interaction, presentation, teamwork, and leadership, can help children absorb more information at school while being more proactive in their activities.

Inculcating independence in children is important during this time. As they are spending more time at home, they can be taught critical life skills such as hygiene, cleanliness, clearing away messes, time management, etc. These skills can be taught in a fun way, as interactive indoor activities for kids to ensure proper hygiene and cleanliness.

Distance online learning education.

Making children learn about entrepreneurship at a young age is important as well. When parents think of ways to how to engage their kids, they instantly look towards innovative ideas for inspiration. With the help of online learning platforms kids can practice problem-solving, teamwork, and creativity during these entrepreneurial exercises. Parents are keeping children engaged in these entrepreneurial activities, by giving them tasks that give out certain rewards.

Collaborative playing is also a critical life skill when it comes to how to engage your kids. It includes online multi-playing sessions and online play dates with other school kids. Through fun-filled challenges, kids can digitally learn how to work together through online learning platforms and develop the best solution to a problem. Common applications and web solutions are available online that connect kids from across schools, communities, and cities. Kids can also participate in these challenges and win prizes for their effort.

Empathy is an essential life skill that kids need to grasp as well. Practising active empathy can help kids learn more about caring about other people and how their actions can impact their surroundings. Parents are developing talking exercises, where they actively provide positive reinforcement for hypothetical scenarios. Kids are given certain questions and asked to choose the right answer, based on their best reasoning abilities.

Father helps son with homework during online learning

Final Note

As parents, we may find our kids becoming overwhelmed with the current scenario and the pressures that may come with today’s challenges. It is important to support children in their endeavors while giving them the right tools to deal with potential problems and issues. By giving them ample love, affection, cuddles, and warmth.

Online learning benefits in many ways and parents can organically motivate them to perform their best at any activity. Kids that feel that they are being listened to, are happier and more relaxed. Having a routine built around their favorite activities will also give them more energy throughout the day.

Online learning for kids can be a great form of knowledge and understanding induced in a new and innovative way and should be definitely introduced to them.

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