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Qualities Of A Good Leader: Life and Inspiring Stories of Sundar Pichai

Qualities Of A Good Leader: Life and Inspiring Stories of Sundar Pichai

Who doesn’t want their child to be on the top ten list in the class? This is honestly the dream of every parent. But does everyone succeed in making it so? I will give you hacks for making your children stand among the top ten children in his class. Do you know how? By educating you on the leadership qualities that you must teach your children. Who is the most readily available teacher nowadays? The answer is quite simple; Google. Google’s CEO is Sundar Pichai, an Indian man with immense potential. After graduating from IIT, Kharagpur, he went for M.S from Stanford University. Later, he completed his master’s in business administration from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Most people focus on his bright educational background and career. But, he has always braided some qualities of a good leader. Those qualities have been the staircase for him to reach new heights.  The way a car needs an engine to work. Every company needs a CEO to run. Sundar Pichai is an excellent example of a leader, and our children have much to know about leadership qualities from his life and work.

Who is A Leader?

Who is A Leader

You’re mistaken if you think anyone allotted to lead a team is a leader. A leader will always taste the water first to check whether it is poisonous before passing it to the team members. Who takes all the load on him and gives it through the team after making it lighter is an ideal leader. Sundar Pichai has not been a good leader only; he has also been a great coworker. He has all the qualities of an effective leader. Therefore, in just two years, he was promoted to CEO of Alphabet, Google’s parent company. Before working for Google, he was working with McKinsey and Company as consultant. In 2004, he joined Google and kept on working on trendy products like Google Gears, Google Toolbar, and Google Pack before the final launch of Google Chrome. The company noted that the toolbar increased the visitors’ and users’ searches. Pichai didn’t work for his betterment only but also he gave his best to the company. Then in 2008, he achieved the position of vice president of the production and development sector. After that, he launched the chrome browser, followed by Chrome OS in 2009. Sundar Pichai became a person with the qualities of a true leader whom the company started trusting, and he attained the glare of publicity at Google presentations in 2008.

What is Leadership?

What is Leadership

John C. Maxwell said, “A leader knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” Leadership starts when one stops thinking about oneself. This is a constant practice of making everyone feel included. Today’s children often need to include everyone in an activity. Nuclear family are the reason behind it. But have you ever thought about how your child will cope with the world in the future? 

Here, we have a great lesson to learn from Sundar Pichai- he included everyone and made them feel at home. Google’s employees have stated that Sundar has always focused on taking the uniqueness of everyone and implying them in his work. His decisions are firm, but he is always open to suggestions. 

One of the unknown facts about Sundar Pichai is that he loves to play cricket and football. Now, you know where his leadership quality has come from. He loves to engage in team games. Whoever loves to play team games has to realise the importance of a good leader. 

What Qualities Should A Leader Have?

John F. Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States, stated, “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” So, constant learning is one of the first qualities of a good leader. Other qualities that follow are: 


“Where there is a will, there is a way.” A leader always has this attitude, and this is their driving force. Confidence is at the centre of leadership. Sundar Pichai has proven so. Belonging to a small town in India, he became of the noteworthy Indians all over the world. 


Communication is the key to understanding people. One can only be a good leader if one understands their teammates. Sundar Pichai shares his thoughts with his teammates, and this attitude has made him what he is today. 


One of the essential qualities of a leader is to be aware of where his team members are coming from and who they are. When a leader is familiar with the actual condition of his teammates, he becomes empathetic towards them. Sundar Pichai has been a compassionate leader for his team. 


Creativity is nothing but taking the risk of doing something new. Sundar Pichai knows how to take the stake and make it happen. He is the one who included Google in Android. See now where Google is in just ten years. 

Decision Making 

Qualities of a successful leader include decision-making capacity as well. The leader must know how and when to make the correct decision. Sundar Pichai has been doing so for Google since 2004. That’s why Google is where it is today. 

Problem Solving 

Not only decision-making. A good leader must know how to face the consequences of his decisions. So, problem-solving skills are another top quality of a leader. Google is now one of the leading companies. Don’t you think it has gone through so many ups and downs? Sundar Pichai has always been there to control the steering.

Not only the name but also educate your children about the personality and teach them to adapt all the good qualities one has. Leadership qualities are so unique and essential that it changes a person entirely. Make your kid the one who says, “I can do it”, despite all the obstacles. 

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