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Ways to keep your child motivated

Ways to keep your child motivated

Have you ever pondered over the word motivation? What does it mean? How can we inculcate better self-esteem in children? Questions are abounding, and we have to reach some conclusions!! l lets go step by step. What does the word motivation mean? It means that feeling that makes one do one or a group of works to productivity. When one is highly motivated, he or she will feel like the job that is at hand is easier. This is the fundamental definition of motivation.

Now let’s think about the importance of motivation in children. How it can impact them? Given that they are in their formative stages, motivation will be of utmost importance. For instance, a motivated child can easily solve a perturbing problem while an unmotivated kid would find it extremely daunting.

Let’s think about it more. Can it be acquired? If yes how? What are the steps needed to take to inculcate this greatest of virtues? This blog will list some activities that will instil a new self- confidence in children.

1.            Talk with the child and make him understand

This is very important. When the child feels like there are people in support of him/ her it will give his/her self- esteem some boost. Talk with the child about the importance of education, the prospects of a brighter future etc. Talk in a clear and precise way so that the child can understand. For example, if you think your child has the potential in drawing, tell him about the greatest of painters, how did they reach the pinnacles of success, and the focus should be on their hard work.

2.            Make him read and write

Francis bacon was a great thinker from England.  He once said that some books are to be chewed, some are to be digested and some are to be devoured. Though this was a clear play of words, what Bacon tries to say is that books are the best friends one can ever have. For this, the child might need encouragement from his or her guardians, such as teachers and parents.  First, find the favourite genre of the child and then suggest the books. Some of the books a child can read are the works of Roald Dahl, C.S.Lewis and E.B. White. Also, try to make him write too if he is very creative.  By writing, the child can express his or her feelings more freely.

3.            Create a time table, make it a routine and stick to it

Clumsiness is the enemy of precision.  We have to have a clear way of things when it comes to studying. Help your child with a better time table, and make him stick to that and soon it will become a routine.  This will channelize his or her intellectual energies to productivity. 

4.            Give a pat on his back when he succeeds

To start a new routine is always tough but once you are in full gear, then no need to worry as the studies will become his motivation. From your part, give him small rewards (even chocolates will do) that will boost his motivation level. Having a strong support system will help the child in conquering new heights.

Children are tomorrows, the better tomorrows. We should be the ones to help them reach the pinnacles of their success as we are their guardians.