Some creative activities that can be developed in children
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Some creative activities that can be developed in children

Some creative activities that can be developed in children

Creativity can be described as a gift that is not bestowed on everyone. Creative people are the ones who had changed the course of history and thus the world too. But they can be identified easily, and the skills can be improved if they are found on the onset. Creative people are always in lookout of new ideas, with the spirit remaining intact even if adversities attack them all the time. When it comes to children, how does it impact them? How can we identify the creative sparks in children? It is by constant observation and understanding that we can identify the creative talents of children. This blog will discuss some of the creative activities, that can be developed in children.

1.            Music

Who wouldn’t feel ecstatic when listening to the moonlight sonata of Beethoven?  Music can permeate and pervade the soul. It can elevate one to absolute bliss. We can think about improving and deciphering music talents in children. The first way is to find the best music education available for the children. Introduce to them the greatest of composers. This is the way, by acting as a catalyst for their curiosities, we can improve their musical talents. They can also participate in musical competitions so that their self- confidence will get a boost.

2.            Theatre

This is also a very important activity like music. When children can play out different characters, it will help in their public speaking skills, as acting in front of many people would help in shedding the inhibition.  Children’s creativity will improve and they will become more confident. If the school has a drama club or any arrangements about drama, the more the better.

3.            Reading

Reading is purely an aesthetic activity, as it should be construed in that way.  By reading books, children will develop wings and soar high into new horizons of imagination. But how can we inculcate the habit of reading in children? This seems to be the million-dollar question, and also a contentious one. By encouraging them to read by extolling the virtues of reading, this can be done. What kind of books children should read? Some suggestions include-: Tristram shandy ( Laurence Sterne), Works by R.K. Narayan ( Especially his malgudi days), Works by H.G.Wells ( He was a pioneer in science fiction), R.L.Stevenson (Kidnapped, treasure island), One thousand and one nights, The Pancha tantra and the Jataka Tales. Children can mingle and interact with the characters, especially in works such as one thousand and one nights, where they can fly on the magic carpet with Aladdin and the genie, and laugh at the miserliness of Qasim.

4.            Writing

There is an inherent relationship between reading and writing. When you read more, you will understand the more the nuances of writing like how to form a plot, character formation etc. Talented children will pick up fast and march towards glory.

Children are our hopes for a better tomorrow. By guiding them appropriately, we can pave their way to success.

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