5 Tips to increase the immunity of your child And Benefits Of Good Hygiene

5 Tips to increase the immunity of your child

5 Tips to increase the immunity of your child

Immunity is defined as the defence mechanism of the human body to resist the occurrence of diseases. Keeping the immunity stronger for growing children is very prominent because it directly affects their growth. Thus, let us read further about 5 Tips to increase the immunity of your child.

Tips to improve immunity:

1. Nutrient-rich food:

The food they consume plays a major role in defining their immunity. Adding a lot of fruits and vegetables helps in strengthening their immunity. Also, food rich in Vitamin-C and Vitamin-E boosts the immune system to work efficiently. Antioxidant-rich food detoxifies their body from harmful toxins.

While it is important to add healthy food, it is equally important to cut off junk food from their diet. Keep a watch on their sugar intake and restrict food from outside, as much as possible.

2. Sleep-cycle:

Children require a minimum of 9 to 10 hours of sleep daily. For all the activities they do all day, this rest is mandatory for their nervous system to rest. Make it a habit for your children to hit the bed by 9 pm in the night. As a parent, you should also follow this since they get influenced by your actions greatly.

It is scientifically proven that sleep improves immune function and good sleep will prevent the children from obesity, diabetes, and heart diseases in the future.

3. Exercise:

Regular physical exercise does wonders for your children’s body. It boosts blood circulation thereby enhancing the heart’s function. This has a great effect in boosting the immune function. Also, it helps flush out the bacteria out of the lungs and airways.

At least 30 minutes of walk or any kind of physical activity is highly recommended. This habit will improve the kid to sleep better.

4. Hygiene:

Teaching your kids about the importance of personal hygiene is necessary. Bathing, brushing the teeth twice a day, regular washing of hands are some of the basic practices you can make them follow.

Apart from personal hygiene, it is equally essential to keep their surroundings hygiene as well. Regularly clean their toys and the areas they are most present with a disinfectant. This prevents germs and other microbes from entering into their body.

5. Meditation:

You may wonder why children need to do meditation. Making meditation a habit to them has proven to have an impact on their immune system. This greatly prevents anxiety and depression. Also, it soothes the nervous system thereby protecting their immune function.

Meditation reduces blood pressure and keeps their cognition and emotional development in the right place.

In conclusion, these are the 5 Tips to increase the immunity of your child. It is salient to keep an eye on their growth and development right from the start. Every child is unique in their own way and as a parent, embrace the way they are and support them in their every step. Happy Parenting.

5 Tips to increase the immunity of your child