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Fun Activities For Kids To Do During This Coronavirus Lockdown

Fun Activities For Kids To Do During This Coronavirus Lockdown


Contrary to popular beliefs, Corona is still there and we should do take proper care of ourselves following all the guidelines and rules established for our safety. At a time when the country is under lock down and physical movement is barred, it’s important to keep children’s bodies moving and brains active.

With parks, libraries, gardens, and playgrounds closed, especially in April, when schools close for summer holidays, the early shut down due to the pandemic, has ensured that kids have nowhere to go, not even in their neighborhood.

activities to do at home during lockdown

It’s important o find new ways to keep children occupied as it will help take pressure away from parents and help children learn something new. Countless forms of fun activities for kids can be done at home with basic items. Here are six things that you can do at home.

6 Things to do at home during this pandemic


Now is the time to impart your child some basic life skills and what better way to start than baking. Almost all homes today have microwaves or OTG. If you don’t have any of these, then you can use a pressure cooker.

Check online for a quick 3 or 5 ingredient cake recipe and have your child bake some nice cakes. Provision stores are open. Cooking is one of the most loved indoor fun activities for kids and it will ignite the chef in you as well.

cooking and baking at home is one activities to do during lockdown

Go buy the necessary baking ingredients. Check online for cookie recipes. Everything you need to know about baking is available online. Cooking or baking fun activities for kids that will keep your child occupied as they learn new skills. Since it’s summer, you can try your hand at making fruit pulp icecreams or even milk and dry fruits kulfis. You don’t need special molds for these, just bowls should be enough.

Not only this but making your kids learn cooking prepares them for their future. Always remember that cooking is one of the best educational fun activities for kids to learn.

Watch Skies Together

Since Corona had hit us, people spend most of their time at home and the roads, public places, and factories are closed and deserted. Due to this the pollution has decreased drastically in some areas and also in major cities skies are clear now. Pick up your binoculars and watch the sky. It’s fun especially at night to watch star formation. Check online for how to see stars and zodiac sign formation. Watch the skies in the day to see clouds. It’s fun to watch cloud formation.

father and son study the starry sky through a telescope on the lawn

You can decorate the terrace and spent a night under the sky with your loved ones and this could be one of the good and fun activities for kids.

Origami And Papercraft

Origami and papercraft are some of the most interesting and creative fun activities for kids. Go online and show your child to make some interesting designs and crafts from newspapers. You may need some newspapers, scissors, rulers, and a glue stick. Children love art and art forms, you only need to sit with your kids and let their creative juices flow while enjoying all the fun activities for kids that papercraft and Origami can offer.

paper art style of balloons colorful color floating in air blue sky

There are many other craft projects you can do from the comfort of your home. You can also make some paper snowflakes, stars, and flowers and use them to decorate your child’s room. All these fun activities for kids like videos are available online.

Clean Closets And Drawers

Now, this one activity that children will love to do. Ask them to clean their toy closet or your shoe drawer. You can also help them remove and put clothes back in the drawer or clean the closet that you always wanted to clean but were unable to do due to lack of time. make this into a game. Whoever organizes the drawer fastest can get to sleep late or gets to eat their favorite meal.

kids Organizing clothes is Fun Activities For Kids

Sunbathe Outside The Home

As most of us are zoned in and have very limited options to get out, we are missing our daily dose of Vitamin D. Get out of your home early morning and soak your body in the sun to make your body capable of fighting diseases.

cheerful smiling baby sitting in a baby bath on the lawn in the garden on a sunny day is a Fun Activities For Kids


Teach your children to iron their clothes. This is an important life skill that will be of use when they grow up. This will not only be a fun activity but as well as one of the most important educational fun activities for kids. Also by doing so not only you are getting the work done but making them learn how to take care of their clothes in future so this way it is not only some fun activities for kids but learning for future too.

Father and son ironing clothes together is one Fun Activities For Kids


There are thousands of fun indoor fun activities for kids that you can look for and try to implement in your lives as well. However, with restrictions in place and with chances of social distancing rules remaining in place beyond the set dates, children must spend their time learning some important life skills. Indulge in more indoor fun activities for kids and make the most of their time at home.

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