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12 Parenting Tips to Child Care


Mautushi Paul


Parents Corner




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Children are a blessing to parents, but child care is something that many parents struggle with. All parents want what is best for their children. As a parent, you need to make sure that your child is taken care of and safe at all times. This can be difficult when they don’t always listen to you or follow through with the rules set out in front of them.

This blog post will discuss 12 parenting tips that will help child care become easier for both the child and the parent!

What Is Child Care?

Child care is the act of taking care of your child irrespective of your work schedule. Parents who work must make sure their child is fed at the right time, pampered, protected, loved, and provided with necessities. Now, every parent will feel new to this concept with their firstborn because who’d have taught them parenting? We understand that it’s pretty nerve-wracking. But no worries, we have specific tips for you so you can easily take care of your child.

mother taking care of child

12 Parenting Tips to Child Care

Cuddle your child often.

The child’s first impulse is to feel loved and close. This will give them the security they need to face the other things that come with child care, like school or working parents who might have a different point of view regarding discipline.

cuddling with the baby

Carry your child around if possible

It helps you take care of your child, which means they can have an outlet for their child’s energy. We recommend that you carry them like this as much as possible to strengthen your bond and theirs.

Bathe them with safe products

It’s one of the essential child care tasks. Our skin is our largest organ, and it absorbs a lot of what we put on it. Especially when you’re bathing your child, make sure to use products that are safe for them—preferably natural ones like soap or oil soaps without synthetic fragrances that could be harmful.

using safe baby products during bath time

Maintain a child-friendly home environment

It’s essential that your child feel comfortable in their own space. A child-friendly house should be free of hazards, like wires or sharp corners, and have plenty of toys to play with. Make sure everything is well organized so you can easily find things when required. Never fight with your spouse in front of your child or be rude to your child.

It’s okay if they often cry.

If your child is crying, it means they’re trying to communicate something. They might do it because they want to be held or are tired and hungry. Let them know that you’re there for them, even if they don’t always show their emotions through words. Sometimes a child needs to let out all the negativity inside of them to feel better afterward, so as long as you’re nearby, they should feel better.

Do not spank your child.

Spanking, hitting, and other forms of violence are all unacceptable ways to discipline children; it teaches them that the world is a violent place where you need to resort to violence to get what you want or for people to listen. It also doesn’t teach them how to create positive relationships.

spanking kids is a big no

Focus on nutrition

Parents often forget to feed their children healthy. This is because parents think that if a child asks for chocolates and provides them, it represents care. Feed them fruits, vegetables, and whole foods so that they can grow up with solid bodies for life! No! Remember, the majority of childhood health problems are preventable through a good diet.

Make sure your child has enough time in the sun each day.

Children need the sun to develop their bones, muscles, and vitamin D. Make sure they go outside at least once a day! Engage with them in exercising, playing games, or even a walk at the park. It not only keeps their body active, but it will also improve the bond between you both.

Have a sleep routine

Children need to have a sleep routine. From when they go to bed, what time it should be lights out (or in the child’s case), and how long their nap should last. Give your child plenty of naps throughout the day so that once nighttime comes, they are ready to get into bed!

Read stories to them.

Reading a story to your child at the end of every day or whenever you feel like it is vital. It allows them to hear words and get used to hearing you read aloud; it helps calm anxiety, especially when they have to sleep alone. They will know that even when parents can’t be there for some reason or another, there are still the characters from the story through which you gave them hope.

reading books to kid is a form of child care

Be a strict parent when required.

The child must know that this is a safe place for them to be. We should not make it easy on the child when they are disobedient because we want to teach them how life works and what the consequences are. However, if there is so much yelling involved in disciplining your child, then you’re doing something wrong.

Reward your child for good behaviour

Children thrive on praise. They feel good about themselves, and they want to continue doing what they are being praised for. If you give them lots of love, it will motivate their behaviour even more so than if you punish them when they make mistakes because then the child may become resentful or scared that he’s never going to be happy again.

reward or good behaviour

Final thoughts

Dear parents, don’t expect everything will come easy from the get-go. It’ll take some time for all these practices to feel comfortable because you’re new to parenting. But as days go by, you’ll indeed get adapted to it. Children might not show immediate changes in their growth, but these tips will shape them into happy and healthy children.

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