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How to make your child focus more on studies

How to make your child focus more on studies

Parents often complain regarding their child that they are not attentive and can’t focus on their studies. Often parents are heard saying that their child concentration instantly gets shifted from one task to another. One thing that should be mentioned here is what people making an effort in education say out of their experiences and keen observations that teaching kids of the elementary level are more challenging than teaching middle or higher level children.

Every action has a cause. The cause and effect relationship exists between the input and output. This cause-effect relationship not only defines an individual behavioral attribute but also contributes to one’s cognitive development. And when this relationship comes to comprehend human behavior, then it becomes quite tricky because, as we say that everyone is unique and special.

But understanding the context and the cause, we would be able to create some difference. To say, if we want our child to concentrate more on studies, then accordingly, we can make an effort to meet the desired pursuit. 

To make that desired difference, we essentially need to understand the cause-effect relationship of that very factor holistically. So let’s come and try to understand how you can help your child stay focused more on studies?

Know Your Child First

Knowing your child as they develop is the most rewarding thing as a parent. Parenting for the child, is a life-changing phase. Child psychology depicts the developmental stages of an individual. Wherefrom the very infant stage, we can observe all sorts of developments to say; physical, emotional, cognitive, etc. so as a parent or teacher, we must not consider a child, only a child but an individual and hence equally respect him/her. Excelling this further, the parent must be aware and conscious of every child’s needs and concerns (might be personal) as per their developmental stages.

Psychologically an individual is a product of her/his environment. The same exposure and culture a child would get accordingly would flourish. As a parent or teacher, it is our prime duty to understand our children first. The parent or teacher must be aware of a child’s interest, skills, moods, ability, the way a child learns, and her/his uniqueness. As a guardian, it is our prime duty to enable a positive environment for the child so that she/he can excel herself to the fullest.

Don’t Blame Your Child For The Failure

We need to understand that child failure is not to be directly blamed on your kid. We, as parents or teachers, might also fail to make children learn. There would be certain factors or situations by which the desired outcome is not accomplished.

Let us explore what would be those factors or situations.

Physiological And Biological

Our biology has an integral relationship with our psychology. Our food habits, our daily routine have a tremendous direct impact on our behavior and emotions. A nutrient or balanced diet is inevitable for oneself to feel energetic, enthusiastic, healthy, and happy. A balanced diet is deeply connected to one’s metabolism and is also responsible for proper hormonal management. If a child is not having a properly balanced diet, then it has a negative impact, both physical as well as mental. A balanced diet is a contributing factor in enhancing child concentration and focus on any activity.

Secondly, it is good to have a sound sleep. Inadequate sleeping may lead to depression and can hamper one’s immune system. Adequate sleep is as significant as nutrient food and exercising. Adequate sleep contributes to improving child concentration productivity.

There are many more such factors like one’s daily routine, exercising, physical well-being, so on, and so forth, which are directly associated with our mental development. So, for a child, in a manner to be more focused and attentive, they need to take care of all those factors.

Personal And Societal Issues

The nature of the surroundings around which a child is living has a vast and direct impact on his consciousness. The nature of the surroundings shapes a child’s mode of behavior. As it is very much understood that the exposure in which a child is growing is a milestone in building and shaping a child’s consciousness. Hence it becomes equally important that the atmosphere of a family and the society should be stress-free. The atmosphere should be productive and justified to sharpen a child’s abilities.

Pedagogical Aspects

The method through which we are making an effort for child learning should be in accordance with the child’s needs. We must provide a child need-based pedagogical aspect. Not every child learns in the very same manner. We need variations in our teaching practices. Our teaching practices should be interesting, engaging, and activity-based.       

Rapport Building 

Be always there for your child. As a parent or tutor, we need to build a healthy relationship with the child. Mutual sharing and frequent dialogues should be there for great mutual bonding. A healthy relation and a fear-free environment provoke learning.

Culture Provokes Learning

Children do copy elders. We must have observed, in many cases, directly through children’s behavior that children copy the behavior of their elders. They enact similar ways an elder acts out. This is why we need to be more attentive to our actions. Action speaks louder than words. So if we sit for reading regularly, then definitely that would also ignite a child to open a book and read and concentrate in a better way. Likewise, we, as a guardian/tutor, need to build a culture (a day-long schedule) in a way that a child would learn effortlessly.

Nature Of Reading Material To Enhance Child Concentration

The reading material should be engaging and age-appropriate. Reading material should be such in which a child could connect herself with the content. The nature of content should engage a child in a meaningful manner.

Two children are sharing one book

Nature Of Assignment And Projects For Improving  Child Concentration

The nature of assignments and projects which have been assigned to a child should be productive. The assigned task should not bore a child. The assignment shouldn’t be like copying. The assigned task should be like the small targets which a child could accomplish as per her ability and context.

Context Setting And Questioning

Before commencing any reading or any assignment, we must set a context in a manner to ignite the interest and attention of a child. This could be done either by merely questioning or through a short story.


Boost your child with encouragement, confidence, and motivation- this is exactly how you can help a distracted child. It has been said, ‘believe you can, and you’re halfway there.’ It doesn’t matter how slow one goes as long as one doesn’t stop. So have lively dialogues always with the child.

Convey The Need And Significance

A child is an individual. Convey the need and significance behind any activity and task. Give them meaning behind every task.

The core objective of depicting the aforementioned factors is simply that every process is derived from a concept. And if we have conceptual understanding, then on our own, we can build or derive processes suited best in accomplishing our desired goals.

Before leaving you contemplating, some set of activities, which are readily available on social media, is mentioned here to practice to improve Child concentration.

Activities/Games For Improve Concentration In Child

If you’re desperate to know about how to improve concentration in kids, then you must expose your child to some child concentration exercises that will not only sharpen his memory but also helps him to grab the logic.

  • Backward climb on stairs
  • Connecting dot exercise
  • Making a queue out of things like bricks, marbles, etc.
  • Picture matching
  • Color matching
  • Arranging and rearranging the images
  • Yoga (Superbrain Yoga)
  • Exercises suggested for improving concentration.

More than a dozen child concentration exercises and games to improve concentration are easily accessible through social media.

To conclude, a fit body, a calm mind, a healthy relationship, mutual sharing and learning, and a house full of love are all needed to attain what one wants in one’s life.

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