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5 Great Online Learning Platforms

5 Great Online Learning Platforms

There is absolutely no limit to learning and knowledge. In the past few years, online learning platforms are redefining the learning process and courses that were hard to find and quite expensive to aspirants.

Gone are the days when students used to learn from free educational games and free educational websites; companies demand more than knowledge; they ask for skills and trained minds. There are hundreds of best platforms for online classes, and each platform has an app for learning and videos for students and kid learning as well.

Learners have started enrolling to multiply courses to feed their young and curious minds. As a parent, you should always motivate your child to learn and take part in these courses. The best part of these courses is that your child can learn and complete these courses from home only, and they get a certification for it too.

Online learning platforms with videos for students are a great way of learning side by side and simultaneously with schools, enhancing their knowledge in fields your child is more interested in.

 5 Must Explore Best Platform For Online Classes


Founded by Byju Raveendran. It is the best platform for online classes so far. This educational website and app have reached the zenith of popularity in terms of content, concept, and online learning.

Online learning platforms were always there, but BYJU’s made it a household topic. Byju’s use interactive format and easy learning methods for kids to understand the tough concepts of science, physics, and mathematics.

Over time this app for kid learning has carved its mark on the online learning definition. Its app covers all the learning areas, such as IAS, UPSC, CAT, JEE, etc.

In 2017, It received a world summit award in the category of learning & education.

Its founder believes in making students understand the concept with stories and interactive methods to understand it absolutely and do not have to learn it just for its sake.

With this aim, it makes BYJUs a powerful app for learning.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a free learning website that lets you learn for free. With a library of 2000+ videos for students, it is also a free educational game portal. Videos are averagely 7 to 14 minutes long.

Its owner Salman Khan who in the initial time of it himself taught in the videos through background voices Also received funding from the Melinda Gates Foundation. Bill Gates admitted that his kids learn from Khan Academy itself.

Khan Academy is an excellent educational website because it’s free, totally free with lessons and practice questions for anyone to learn. Kid learning is made easy with video lessons from Khan Academy. It is the best platform for online classes to understand the concept of mathematics.

Linkedin Learning

A premium subscription of $29,99 a month or a yearly subscription at $299,88 gives you unlimited access to 16000+ courses.

A few years ago, when LinkedIn acquired Lynda, one of the oldest e-learning sites. It transferred all its content to it and thus started offering thousands of substantial courses categorized in different levels as per your pace and understanding.

It has offline mode available for you, and the best part is that it offers a free one month trial period, so you don’t have to invest your money immediately and learn for one month free of cost.

Linkedin itself is a wide platform of professionals, which boosts the reputation of Linkedin learning as one of the best platforms for online classes.


A person is having an online class from Unacademy

Unacademy is as good as it gets. There are thousands of videos for every subject. It doesn’t matter which exam you are preparing for or in which subject you are weak. Unacademy is definitely a one-stop solution for you.

There are free videos as well as paid subscriptions to each and everything. Government exams, IIT JEE, NEET, and whatnot making it one of the best platforms for online classes.

Unacademy has worked brilliantly on its marketing and content. If, after BYJU’s, students know an app for kid learning or an online learning platform, it’s Unacademy for sure.

Teachers and experts from various fields and subjects upload their videos for students to learn; you can also find a lot of those videos on Youtube for free if you are having second thoughts about whether to purchase the subscription or not.

Unacademy believes in changing the parallel education system and in giving the reason behind the formula, the theory behind the derivation. It aims to make students understand the subject, not just learn it.

National Geographic Kids

At last, comes national geographic, which itself is a brand. If you want your kids to know answers to some of the mind-wobbling questions like –

Why is the sky blue in color? Which is the world’s largest mammal? How do Igloos work? Or is there any third life present on earth?

National Geographic is the answer to all such questions.

Apart from Maths, science, and academics, children should always have a knack for such things. Using its app for learning, kids can learn a lot more than just academics and essential subjects.

National Geographic for kids initially was a kids magazine that was published 12 times a year.

To help kids grow and know something out of the box, something other kids of their age don’t know of; then, it is an excellent free educational website. The website is filled with free educational games, facts, and much more. If kids want to pursue science as a career, this website is best for video lessons and online learning.

All the above are not just websites but comes as an app for learning as well. There are several other free educational websites or free educational games on the internet, but one must choose the best and the most comfortable platform they can connect with.

Always help your child in understanding such courses and motivate them to find their interests to acknowledge the importance and credibility of such apps for learning and help them care for videos for students to build their knowledge.

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I am Mrs. Sharmili Shah, the principal of the Orchids International school in Newtown Kolkata, having 27 years of experience in this field. I believe in focusing on the unique academic philosophy, ‘SHARPER Theory,’ to instill in children the value of self-discipline, hard work, and reflective thinking in their formative years. And so my teachers of this campus follow a curriculum based on CBSE guidelines, specially designed by the Central Administration and Research Team (CART).

If you still need some more help, do not hesitate to give us a call at (+91)9513731352 or mail us at info@orchids.edu.in. Till then, keep sailing with the new normal of online learning, with Orchids.

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