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10 Easy Ways To Teach Kids Tips For Saving Paper!

10 Easy Ways To Teach Kids Tips For Saving Paper!


It can be tricky to teach kids the importance of conserving resources, but with a few simple tips, you can help them prepare to save paper and conserve resources! Start by showing your kids how easy it is to waste paper – for example, by crumpling up a piece of paper and then smoothing it back out. Then follow these simple tips to help them with saving paper! By making it into a game or contest and providing positive reinforcement, your kids will be more likely to remember these tips and put them into practice.

10 easy ways to teach kids tips for saving paper!

1. Make it a game

Turn saving paper into a game or challenge for your kids! See who can use the least amount of writing during the week or who can come up with the most creative way to reuse paper. Give prizes or rewards for the winners to encourage participation further.

2. Use both sides of the paper

Encourage your children to use both sides of the paper when drawing, colouring, or doing other activities. You can even put a line down the centre of a page to help them remember!

3. Recycle used paper

Show your kids where the recycling bin is and explain how important it is to recycle used paper. Have them help you sort recyclables from garbage and make it into a game to see who can quickly fill up their recycling bin.

4. Make paper art with used paper

There are all sorts of fun crafts you can do with your kids using old pieces of paper. Get creative and make origami animals, paper flowers, or even a paper-mâche sculpture.

5. Have a paper-free day

Once a week, have a “no paper” day to help your family save trees. This means no using paper towels, tissues, napkins, or toilet paper! See how long you can go without using any paper products.

6. Donate used paper

If you have any gently used paper, consider donating it to a local school or daycare. They are always in need of scrap paper for art projects and other activities.

7. Recycle your phone book

Most people don’t use their phone books anymore, but did you know that you can recycle them? Find a local recycling centre that accepts phone books and drop them off there.

8. Opt for electronic bills

Many companies offer the option to receive electronic bills instead of paper ones. This can help you save a lot of paper every year.

9. Make your wrapping paper

If you’re tired of using the same old wrapping paper, why not make your own? You can use old newspapers, magazines, or fabric to wrap gifts. Be creative and have fun with it!

10. Recycle your used printer cartridges

Most office supply stores will recycle your used printer cartridges for free. This helps reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.

Perks and benefits of saving paper!

1. Save trees and conserve forests

The primary benefit of saving paper is that it helps save trees. It takes 24 trees to make one ton of paper. If an office worker uses ten reams of copy paper per year, they will use up 120 trees throughout their career. This doesn’t even include paper products such as tissues, toilet paper, paper towels, etc.

2. Save energy

The production of paper is a very energy-intensive process. It takes a lot of electricity to run the machines that cut down the trees, transport the logs, pulverises the wood, and turn it into pulp. In addition, making paper also emits a lot of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. These gases contribute to climate change and have a negative impact on the environment. By saving paper, we can save energy and help reduce these harmful emissions.

3. Save resources

It takes a lot of water to produce paper. In fact, it takes about four times as much water to create a single sheet of paper as it does to produce a plastic bag. It also takes a lot of trees to make paper. According to the Environmental Paper Network, it takes about 24 trees to make one ton of copy paper. By saving paper, we can help conserve these precious resources for future generations.

4. Save money

Paper products are not cheap. They can be pretty expensive. By saving paper, we can save money on our household budgets. We can also save businesses money by using less paper. This can help them to be more profitable and create more jobs.

5. Save landfill space

When paper is thrown away, it often goes to the landfill. This takes up valuable space that could be used for other things. By recycling paper, we can help to reduce the amount of paper that goes to the landfill.


It’s up to parents to teach saving paper and be responsible with resources. Luckily, it’s not too tricky to get started. Here are a few tips for teaching your children about conserving resources like paper. Make sure that you set a good example yourself by being mindful of the amount of paper you use. Talk about the importance of saving resources with your kids and have them help decide what can be printed on both home and school printers. Give them opportunities to recycle paper and other materials. And finally, reward your children for their efforts in saving resources! We can help our kids learn valuable lessons about being responsible citizens and stewards of our planet by working together. What strategies do you use to teach your kids about conserving resources? Please share in the comments!

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