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DIY Teacher (Handicraft and Technical Teacher)

Mumbai/ Pune/Bangalore/Chennai/Hyderabad

Job Description:

Required Candidate Profile

  • Bachelor’s degree in science education or another related field.
  • Strong communication skills, both orally and in writing.
  • Basic computer skills.
  • Preferred- Diploma/ Degree in Engineering (for technical teacher).
  • Degree/ Diploma in ATD/BFA/Art & craft / Handicraft (for DIY Handicraft teacher).

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Delivering lesson plans and learning/ preparing activity samples for the students.
  2. Deliver high-quality, engaging instruction in the form of discussion, direct teaching, demonstrations and independent practice using a variety of methods
  3. Differentiate activity when needed to give all students access to the curriculum regardless of disability, instructional level, English proficiency or level of interest in the subject.
  4. Evaluate student performance on tasks established by the standards set by the central team. Conduct volume wise assessments, workshops, exhibitions, events, etc as set by the central team.
  5. Maintain a safe, orderly and supportive classroom by modeling expected behavior and standards, promoting positive interactions and quickly addressing behaviors that are not in line with the school discipline plan.
  6. Communicate with parents regarding student progress, potential and behavior periodically through phone or electronic means and at parent and teacher conferences.
  7. Improve skills and knowledge in teaching by regularly taking classes, attending workshops and discovering new methods of delivering exciting content to students.
  8. Attend all training sessions scheduled by the central team.