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OTIS Aurangabad

One of India's Leading CBSE Schools in Aurangabad

One of India's Leading CBSE Schools in Aurangabad

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Orchids' 5 Petals of Purpose

A Fortress of Care

There’s Zero Compromise when it
comes to your Child’s Safety.
Safe CampusSafe CampusSafe Campus

Cultivating the X factor

Excellence along with the X factor needed to thrive in tomorrow’s world!

State-of-the-art Infrastructure

Because your child deserves the best

Never A Dull Day

No Matter what your interests, you’ll find your niche at Orchids

From ABC to AI

Ensuring a solid Academic Foundation with ready access to the Latest Technology.

Orchids The International School, Aurangabad

Enroll your kid in the best school near you in Aurangabad

One of India's leading chains of schools in Aurangabad , dedicated to providing quality education and promoting overall skill development among its students

ORCHIDS, an internationally acclaimed school, is situated in the progressive city of Aurangabad and has a network of 90+ CBSE schools across 25+ cities ...show more

Aurangabad campuses

List of 1 campuses in Aurangabad (CBSE Board)

Gut No 35, Adgaon Bk, Maharashtra 431007

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ORCHIDS The International School has a presence in Aurangabad, Maharashtra's historic city at Adgaon near Beed-Aurangabad Highway. ORCHIDS believes that better education is its own reward. ORCHIDS has built a unique educational philosophy by blending Western and Indian academic systems, fully alignedRead More...

Grades: Nursery - Grade X
Annual Fees: 60,000 - 99,000
School Timings: 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM


Orchids The International School is at the top of the pedestal, with two decades of academic rigor, sports excellence, and world-class facilities.With 90+ schools across 25+ cities in India, we are touching 75k+ lives and shaping their minds. Orchids The International School turns learning into a joyful experience with the SHARPER philosophy and a hands-on learning approach. SHARPER is our guiding light: self-discipline, hard work, applied science, research, physical fitness, exposure, and reflective thinking

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Classroom where learning is top-notch
Round clock medical care
Computer lab where language is digital
A wide variety of sports
Library - Where wisdom is treasured
Swimming pool - Where coordination is mastered
Mess meals are family-style
Hostels are next home for kids
Music Rooms - Where imaginations are tuned

Nurturing a Solid Foundation

EYP Curriculum

  • Conceptual Learning

  • Literacy and Numeracy

  • Kinesthetic Learning & Motor Skill Development

  • Experiential Learning

  • Environmental Awareness

Primary Curriculum

  • Literacy & Language Skills

  • Mathematics

  • A regional language

  • Environment Science

  • Information and communication technology

  • Physical education

Secondary Curriculum

  • Field Trips

  • Lessons in Robotics

  • Advanced concepts through Innovation

  • Rigorous preparation for Grade X milestone

  • Well-planned lessons, assessment & reward system

Talk To Our Admission Counsellor!
The pandemic tried to bring the world to a halt, but it couldn't stop learning at ORCHIDS. Our highly qualified faculty with the will to ensure 'the show must go on' made it possible to bring classrooms fit into our screens. With double the enthusiasm to make learning unstoppable, there has never been a missed class at ORCHIDS. Our faculty constantly evolves to introduce new techniques and creative methods to make learning fun and engaging.


The Early Years Program

  • This is aimed at pre-nursery, nursery, k1&k2, and Grades1&2
  • We take ideas from the theories of Montessori, Play way and Kindergarten
  • We give stress to areas such as literacy, Numeracy and environmental awareness
  • The School uses innovative techniques such as storytelling, Phonetics, in-house magnetic strips etc
  • Nurturing Curiosity
The Early Years Program

The Primary Program

  • The main focus here is to strengthen the conceptual understanding
  • We try to improve English reading comprehension by throwing light on areas such as creative writing, prose, poetry, drama etc
  • Importance is also given to subjects such as Mathematics, Environmental Science and National & International languages
  • Introduction to Robotics through advanced electronics with puzzle circuits
  • Stress on Conceptual Learning
The Primary Program

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CBSE Schools in Aurangabad with Fee Structure

CBSE School in Aurangabad
Monthly Fee

ORCHIDS The International School, Gut No 35, Adgaon Bk, Maharashtra.

₹ 6,000 - 9,900

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