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Orchids the International school, one of the best CBSE schools in Chennai, with branches across various cities in India, shot to prominence after making its spot in the Asian Education Leadership award. Among Thoraipakkam Schools, Orchids has gained a reputation as a hub for shaping up a generation of high achievers and fast learners, which is mainly attributed to its eclectic mix of educational philosophy, derived from Western pedagogies and Indian academic systems. Orchids take the safety of its children seriously; as we have CCTVs installed at our campuses and employ female teachers only till class five.

Our Top International school in Chennai is located at Sri Sowdeswari Nagar, Thoraipakkam(ORCHIDS THE lNTERNATIONAL SCHOOL – Sri Sowdeswari Nagar, Thoraipakkam),

ORCHIDS aims at providing each child with a 360° development, along with the safest and most secure environment for a child after his or her home. We are building second homes for both our National and International Students by delivering safety and personal attention.

Orchids the International School, one of the best schools in Chennai has been at the forefront of education for several years. Gaining recognition for its experimental approaches towards education, with campuses in various cities in India, the School has developed its unique educational Philosophy, blending ideas from Western pedagogies and Indian academic systems, aiming at the holistic, organic development of children. This is the main reason we remain as one of the most sought International schools in Chennai.

Among the best schools in Chennai, the school stands out mainly due to its innovative educational approaches, bridging the gap between academic and extracurricular activities, thus paving the way for creative excellence. The school aims to draw out and polish the natural talents of children. Equipped with world-class infrastructure (ie, playgrounds, Basketball courts, Skating rinks, Swimming pools, library, Science labs, Activity rooms etc)., the school provides an environment conducive to efficient learning. Due to this reason we’ve found a space among the best CBSE schools in Chennai.

With its in-built Philosophy, known by the acronym of SHARPER, which stands for values such as self-d discipline, hard work, research, Reflective and indicative thinking etc, the school strives to make education and interesting and unique experience, by inculcating better academic values in children. We have made it to the list of the better-known CBSE schools in Chennai, which can be attributed to our curriculum, designed to strengthen the understanding of basic subjects.

As one of the burgeoning CBSE schools in Chennai, aiming at excellence, the school has taken every necessary measure to assure the safety of its children. All the campuses are under CCTV Surveillance and parents must show ID Proofs while picking and dropping children. We also employ female teachers till class 5, and all of our buses are GPS equipped.

The EYP Program, intended for the conceptual understanding, takes ideas from Playway, Montessori, and Kindergarten. We use innovative tools such as storytelling, Phonetics, in-house decodable books (Sound crackers), etc. In this program, we give importance to subjects such as Literacy, Numeracy and environmental awareness. Moving to the Primary Curriculum, we give preference to English reading comprehension, Mathematics, Environmental Science, National and International languages as 2nd, 3rd and 4th language options. In the Secondary level, we hope to inculcate the necessary academic rigor in children through advanced learning and teaching methods. We have the Orchids Career Foundation Program, where IIT graduates prepare students for competitive exams like AIPMT, JEE, NEET, CLAT etc. This puts us among the well- known schools in Chennai. Understanding the need for technological awareness, we’ve integrated Robotics as part of the curriculum. This makes us one of the renowned international schools in Chennai.

The School believes that communication between teachers and parents is necessary for the positive development of children. We have developed a Parental App, which helps parents with real-time updates regarding academic progress, attendance reports, and assessments, live tracking of buses through GPS etc. We also, organize parent-teacher meets coffee chats (conducted every six months to discuss grade-specific issues that the parents face) etc. In this way, the school has found its place among the schools in Chennai. As we believe in the dictum of a healthy mind resides in a healthy body, we have developed our health and nutrition program, closely monitoring the health of every child, with meticulously designed personal diet charts and plans, parent counselling’s and workshops, Timely fruit breaks etc. This approach is suiting as one of the top-notch international schools in Chennai.

The role of a school is to discover and nurture the talents by guiding children appropriately, as they are the future. In this regard, as one of the best CBSE schools in Chennai, we are doing our part in shaping up a generation of sharp minds.