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I. How to Describe a Beach Essay?

Visiting a beach is always fun, especially on holidays. People love going to the beach and enjoying the rays of the sun. When you write a Day at the Beach Essay, mention all the details related to your visit, like the name of the beach, location, with whom you went to the beach, things you did there, etc.

Where Is the Beach Located and What Is Its Name?

The first thing you should mention while writing a visit to a sea beach essay is the name and location of the beach. Also, you can write how far it is from your house and how long it took for you to reach there.

  1. Who Went With You to the Beach?
    Some people prefer to visit the beach with their family or friends. Mention who went with you to the beach.
  2. What Did You See on the Beach?
    You will see many things on the beach. Write about them.
    a). People
    You might come across many people doing different things on the beach. You will see children making sand castles on the beach, some might be playing volleyball, fishermen catching fish, kids playing with sand, people clicking photographs, etc. Also, some will be swimming and enjoying the waves of the sea.
    b).Food Stalls
    You might see some food stalls on the beach selling sea food items such as fish, prawns etc. There are ice cream stalls where you will find different flavours of ice cream, some hawkers selling fruits and coconut water.
  3. What Did You Do on the Beach?
    Some people like to play volleyball or any other board games on the beach with their friends or family members. There are people who like to just sit under an umbrella and enjoy the sun. Some people love to play with the water and sea waves. Mention the activities you did there.
  4. Sample for A Day at the Beach Essay
    On a Sunday, we decided to go to one of the most well-known beaches in Chennai, Marina Beach. I went there with my parents and my brother. The beach is a little far from my house. It is a very big beach. We started from our house by 3.30 pm and reached there by 4:15 pm.
    After reaching there, my brother and I played in the water for some time. We saw many children playing with the sand and making sand castles. My mother sat on the sand and began reading a novel while my father walked on the beach. We splashed each other with salty sea water and enjoyed the sea waves. After playing in the water for some time, we were back on the sand. We were hungry and decided to eat something from the food stalls. My brother had some corn, and I had some yummy fried prawns.
    My parents bought coconut water from the vendor. When the sun was about to set, we clicked several pictures. We went back home after sunset. I enjoyed the beach time with my family.
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