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I. How To Talk About Your Best Friend?

Start by writing two lines about who’s your best friend. If you and your best friend study in the same class and school, mention it. Mention what kind of student she or he is. Write about the things you both do together.

  1. Talk About How You Met Your Best Friend

    You can refer to how and where you both met first. You can also narrate one or two lines about your childhood days with him or her.

  2. Write About Your Best Friend’s Likes and Dislikes

    Write about their likes or dislikes. It can be things like favourite colour, preferred TV shows, chosen movie, favourite actor or actress, games he or she likes to play, books, food, music, etc.

  3. Talk About the Things You Like To Do With Your Best Friend

    Whenever I need guidance, he helps me in my studies. We play games together and share our tiffin. We have a couple of things in common, like watching cartoons and drawing. We are fond of listening to music.


     d.Talk About What Kind of a Person Your Best Friend is

         Mention the nature of your best friend. Tell if she is kind hearted and a loving friend. Also, mention how helpful your best friend is.


Sample: My Best Friend Essay

Everyone has a best friend, and my best friend’s name is Sneha Agarwal. She studies in class 2 at the same school as mine. I met her for the first time at my school. We belong to the same section and sit on the same bench in the class.
During lunch time, we play games together and share our tiffin. She loves to play and dance. She also goes to the dance school on weekends.
Her favourite colour is red, and we both love to watch cartoon shows. She also loves to listen to music. After coming back from school, we often sit and watch cartoons together.
She is a very talented student and always finishes her homework on time. She also helps me with my studies and motivates me to work hard.


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