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Subtraction Word Problem

1) John and Danny Were Discussing Their Homework. The Teacher Asked Both of Them to Find the Distance Between the First Two Terrestrial Planets From the Chart Given Above. How Will They Find the Distance Between the Planets? Also, Find the Distance.


The first two terrestrial planets are mercury and venus.

The distance of Venus from the Sun is 108 million km and The length of Mercury from the sun is 57 million km.

So, subtracting the distance of venus and mercury from the sun to each other, we will get the distance between the planets.

So, the distance between Mercury and Venus is
(108 – 57) million km = 51 million km

2) In the Class, the Teacher Asked Daniel to Find the Distance Between Two Gas Giants in the Solar System. What Will His Answer Be?

The two gas giants in the solar system are Jupiter and Saturn. Saturn’s distance from the sun is 1437 million km, and the distance of Jupiter from the sun is 780 million km. The distance between the two gas giants is the difference between their distance from Sun.

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