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NCERT Solutions for Class-2 Chapter-5 Poem: A Smile

The NCERT class 2 English chapter 5 poem, ‘A Smile’ shares the poet's thought that a smile is a funny thing as it wrinkles up your face when you see it. However, you will never find its secret place when it is gone. When you smile at someone, they smile back at you which makes two smiles.

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Reading is Fun

Question 1 :

Why is a smile a funny thing?

Answer :

A smile is a funny thing for the reason that it creates wrinkles on the face when you smile but as you stop smiling, the wrinkles disappear. The poet says that no one will be able to find where the smile is hiding.

Question 2 :

What happens when you smile at someone?

Answer :

When you smile at someone, the other person will also smile back at you.

Say Aloud

Question 1 :

All the following words have an ‘i’ sound that rhymes with ‘my’.
Can you fill in the letter and then say the words aloud?
sm_le, k_te, m_ce, l_ne

Answer :

smile, kite, mice, line

Let’s Practice

Question 1 :
Answer :

Let’s Write

Question 1 :

Play this game with your partner. Close your eyes. Move your fingers over the page while you sing.
When you finish reciting the poem, stop moving your finger. Open your eyes, see which letter you stop at. Use the clues to write the beginning with the letter that you would find.

Answer :

Clues Word Clues Word
Aa Something you eat Apple Nn A bird’s home Nest
Bb Something that flies Bees Oo A fruit Orange
Cc It mews Cat Pp You write with this Pencil
Dd A pet you love Dog Qq It keeps you warm in the winter Quilt
Ee A big animal Elephant Rr A beautiful flower Rose
Ff A part of the body Face Ss Something you wear Sock
Gg A person Grandmother Tt A hot drink Tea
Hh A place where you live House Uu It keeps you dry in the rain Umbrella
Ii This is my country India Vv It moves on wheel Van
Jj Fill it with water Jug Ww Something you drink Water
Kk It flies in the sky Kite Xx A tree with lights and a star X-mas tree
Ll King of the jungle Lion Yy A colour Yellow
Mm It swings from a tree Monkey Zz A plane Zoo

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