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NCERT Solution EVS Class 4 Chapter 6 Omana’s Journey

EVS Class 4 Chapter 6 Omana’s Journey describes the different aspects of travelling, mainly focussing on a train journey. The chapter also enables the kids to understand the various elements of a train journey foods to be carried, things to take to pass the time, items sold at the railway stations, etc., NCERT Class 4 EVS Chapter 6 also helps the young learners know about different people working in a railway station.

NCERT Solutions for EVS Omana’s Journey

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Omana’s Journey

Question 1 :

Why was it so crowded at the door of the coach?

Answer :

When the train arrived at the platform, the coach was already full creating confusion. People were getting on and off using the same door. Everyone was pushing each other and struggling hard to bring their luggage inside.

Question 2 :

Have you ever travelled in a train? When?

Answer :

Yes, I have travelled in train from Kolkata to Jaipur. I was visiting my uncle in Jaipur.

Question 3 :

 What food would you like to take with you when you travel? Why?

Answer :

 When I travel, I like to carry dry fruits, chips, biscuits, roti and dry sabzi etc. I prefer to travel with dry foods because they do not get spoilt and stay fresh for a few days.

Question 4 :

What does the ticket-checker do?

Answer :

The ticket checker checks if every passenger has valid tickets for the journey, and for identification, he sees the Aadhar card or voter ID card.

Question 5 :

 How will you recognise the ticket-checker?

Answer :

In India, all ticket-checkers have a uniform. It is black coat, white shirt, and black trousers. The letters TTE are visible on their coat which stands for Travelling Ticket Examiner. They usually carry a bunch of papers in which the list of passengers and their seat numbers are printed.

Question 6 :

Do you know that when the train is at very high speed things outside seem to be running in the opposite direction?

Answer :

Yes, I know that when the train moves at high speed, things outside seem to be running in the opposite direction. I have seen this while travelling on a train.

Question 7 :

What did Omana see from the window?

Answer :

Omana saw many brown and dry fields and small villages which seemed to be flying in the opposite direction. She also saw the setting sun and the orange sky.

Question 8 :

What are some of the things that are sold at Railway stations?

Answer :

Many items are sold at Railway stations like newspapers, magazines, books, water, tea, coffee, snacks, roti-sabzi, soan papdi etc.

Question 9 :

Why do you think there was no water in the bathroom of the train? Discuss.

Answer :

I think there was no water in the train because people wasted the stored water or, the water reservoirs in the train were not properly filled up in the last big station where it stopped for 20 minutes.

Question 10 :

Imagine that you are going on a long train journey. What are the things that you will take with you to help pass the time?

Answer :

If I am going on a long journey, to pass time, I will take a ludo board or a chessboard, a Rubik’s Cube, and some storybooks.

Question 11 :

Can you recognise who are these people shown in the picture? What work do they do? Discuss.

Answer :

Yes, I can recognise these people shown in the picture.

  1. Cooli—He carries the passengers’ luggage and puts it in the train.
  2. Train Guard—He signals the train driver when to stop and start the train. He also guards the train and is the in-charge of the train.
  3. Train Driver—He drives the train.
  4. TTE—He checks the ticket of passengers.
  5. Railway Police—He maintains law and order in the railway stations and offers security and assistance to the passengers.
  6. Cleaning Employee (Safai karmchari)—He cleans the trains and railway stations.
  7. Ticket-seller—She issues tickets to the passengers.

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