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NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Chapter 8 – A Game of Chance

Mastering any language can be challenging, and English is no exception. Students often face difficulties in grasping its intricacies, making it crucial to seek guidance from experienced educators. Orchid The International School recognizes the importance of professional academic support and offers comprehensive assistance to students. With a team of skilled teachers, we aim to not only enhance students' proficiency in the English language but also ensure their academic success with top-notch grades. Our commitment to quality education makes Orchid The International School an ideal choice for students looking to excel in English. Download the free PDF of NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Chapter 8 - A Game of Chance and embark on a journey towards linguistic mastery and academic excellence.

Download the NCERT Solutions for Game of Chance in PDF

Game of Chance

Question 1 :

Complete the following sentences from memory choosing a phrase from those given in brackets. 

1. _________________was held at the time of the Eid festival. (A big show, A big fair, A big competition) 


2. Tradesmen came to the village with all kinds of goods __________. (To display, to buy, to sell) 


3. Uncle told me _____________while he was away. (Not to buy anything, not to go anywhere, not to talk to anyone) 


4. The owner of the Lucky Shop wanted everybody present ________. (To play the game, to win a prize, to try their luck) 


5. The first time I took a chance I got __________________________. (a bottle of ink, two pencils, a trifle) 


6. Uncle told me that the shopkeeper had made ___________________. (a fool of me, a good profit, friends with many people)


Answer :

1 :  A big fair 


2 : to sell 


3 :  not to buy anything 


4:   to try their luck 


5 :  two pencils 


6 :  a fool of me 


Question 2 :

Answer the Following Questions. 


1. Why do you think Rasheed’s uncle asked him not to buy anything in his absence? 


2. Why was the shop called ‘Lucky Shop’? 


3. An old man won a clock and sold it back to the shopkeeper. How much money did he make? 


4. How many prizes did the boy win? What were they?


5. Why was Rasheed upset? 


6. In what way did the shopkeeper make a fool of Rasheed? 


Answer :

1 :  Rasheed’s uncle asked him not to buy anything in his absence because he was afraid that the shopkeepers might cheat him in his absence. 


2 :  The shop was called ‘Lucky Shop’ because everybody can go there and try their luck at the shop. 


3 :  The old man sold the clock back to the shopkeeper and made 15 rupees by selling it. 


4 :  The boy had won four prizes which included a comb, a fountain pen, a wristwatch and a table lamp. 


5 :  Rasheed was upset because his hopes of winning a big prize were being crushed by constant failure. He continued trying his luck but every time he got a trifle. People were not sympathetic, rather they looked at him and laughed at his bad luck. He continued to play till he finished all his money. 



6 :  The shopkeeper fooled Rasheed by making him believe that it was luck that got the old man and the boy their prizes and concealed the fact that they were his friends. He convinced Rasheed that it is a game based on luck and continued to trick him. Therefore, Rasheed continued to try his luck but he could get only some cheap things which he sold back to the shopkeeper and ultimately, lost all his money.


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