NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English, Maths and EVS
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Class 5: NCERT Solutions for English, Maths and EVS Subjects

In Class 5, students learn a wide range of concepts in Math, English and Environmental Studies (EVS). Since, understanding the basic concepts is mandatory for students to perform well in their examinations, we provide NCERT Solutions for Grade 5 for all subjects. The NCERT class 4 solutions and chapter content provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the subjects.

Chapter-wise, well explained error-free, and step-by-step Class 5 NCERT Solutions are created by our subject matter experts in simple and grade-appropriate language. Students can learn and understand the concepts going through these solutions independently.

NCERT Solutions for all subjects of Grade 5 in PDF format

The chapter-wise NCERT solutions for grade 5 are provided in PDF format, which can be downloaded for free. One can access these solutions easily even when they are offline. These solutions are a perfect companion to the NCERT textbook. Students can use these for their Homework help in Math, EVS, and English.