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Student Exchange Program

Student Exchange Program

International students get a chance to seize all the opportunities.

Student Exchange Programs are a way to diversify the educational experience of students everywhere.

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Student Exchange Program

Student Exchange Program gives international students a chance to seize all the opportunities we bring to our students and vis-à-vis for our full-time students. Student Exchange Program is a paid program at ORCHIDS, where the international school students are exposed to a new culture, under the guidance of our trained teachers to support them in their endeavors.

  • Despite the huge number of applicants, each child is attended to with a student-teacher ratio of 1:7.
  • A study buddy to help them around the school.
  • Students attend classes in the respective schools in the country they visit.
  • An option of staying in Hostels as well as Host Families.

ORCHIDS believes a child can learn a great deal in a diverse environment. By moving out of their comfort zone, their minds are exposed to all new learning perspectives, giving them a wide idea of what the world holds for them.

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