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Sample Paper

Level: 01

Subject: English

Class 3

Answer all the questions.

Section A

  1. Complete the sentences using the common nouns from the box.(1x5=5)
    1. Reshma plays the _______quite well.
    2. I am carrying a heavy __________.
    3. Drishya and Renu are my __________.
    4. Which _______do you belong to?
    5. She peeped out through the small ________
  2. Match the adjectives with their appropriate nouns.(1x5=5)
    a) Beautiful Dog
    b) Furry Elephant
    c) Tiny Mango
    d) Huge Mouse
    e) Ripe Flower
  3. Underline the collective noun in the given sentences.(4)
    1. You should never go near a hive of bees.
    2. The group of actors were going to the theatre for their performance.
    3. The cattle were searching for food on his land.
    4. The team of football players rushed home after practice.
  4. Identify the verb in the given sentences.(4)
    1. The children went to school for a few months.
    2. It was raining heavily all morning.
    3. The boy waited for his sister in the shade of the tree.
    4. The dancers were practising for the next week’s show.
  5. Choose the auxiliaries in the given sentences.(4)
    1. They are visiting their cousins next month.
      1. are
      2. visiting
      3. cousins
      4. next
    2. She had planned to go to her aunt’s place next summer.
      1. had
      2. planned
      3. go
      4. to
    3. Sahil is not listening to his elder brother.
      1. Sahil
      2. is
      3. not
      4. his
    4. I do not want to waste time.
      1. I
      2. do
      3. not
      4. time
    5. Identify the tense of the given sentences. (4)
      1. We went to Delhi last year.
      2. Rohan and Mohan visit Ahmednagar every summer.
      3. You ate too quickly.
      4. My sister eats chocolates every day.

      Section B

  6. Fill in the blanks with the simple past tense from the options.(1 x 5 = 5)
    1. Mom _______me how to use the smartphone.
      1. ask
      2. asked
      3. speak
      4. tells
    2. The rabbit_______ the race.
      1. lose
      2. wins
      3. lost
      4. stop
    3. She ________ a huge bag.
      1. carries
      2. carry
      3. carried
      4. has
    4. Everyone _________ the picnic.
      1. enjoys
      2. enjoy
      3. enjoying
      4. enjoyed
    5. She ________up late today.
      1. wake
      2. wakes
      3. woke
      4. waking
  7. Read the poem and answer the following questions.(13)

    And seals can dive and swim.

    The worm he wiggles all around,

    The monkey swings by his tail,

    And birds may hop upon the ground


    Or spread their wings and sail.

    But boys and girls

    Have much more fun:

    They leap and dance


    And walk and run.

    1. What kind of paws does the lion walk on?(1)
    2. Where do the flies crawl?(1)
    3. What can the seal do?(1)
    4. Who hops on the ground?(1)
    5. Why do boys and girls have much more fun?(2)
    6. Find a pair of antonyms for the given lines.
      But boys and girls Have much more fun(1)
    7. Give two pairs of rhyming words from the poem like ‘fun- run’ (2)
    8. Underline the auxiliaries used in the given sentences.(2)
      1. And seals can dive and swim.
      2. And birds may hop upon the ground
    9. Write the verbs from the given sentences.(2)
      1. The monkey swings by his tail.
      2. They leap and dance.

    Section C

  8. Write a short paragraph on a birthday you celebrated in about 50-100 words. You can look at the picture and use the question clues to write your composition.(6)


    When is your birthday celebrated?

    What was the gift you received?

    Who gave it to you?

    What did you like about it?


* you can download question and solution paper

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