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Sample Paper



Level: 03

Subject: English

Class 5

Answer all the questions.

Section A

  1. Identify the adverbs in the sentences given below

    1. Ashish was running fast.
    2. Sadhna arrived early at the bus stop.
    3. We go to the library regularly.
    4. Hari was reading the book silently.
    5. I went to the supermarket yesterday.
    6. Come fast or else you lose your seat.
    7. The machine was performing effortlessly.
    8. Monali isn’t surprised as she heard this before.
  2. Fill in the blanks with articles

    (½× 4 = 2)
    1. Mom is in _______ kitchen.
    2. She needs _______ vacation.
    3. It’s _______ wonderful gift for me.
    4. Train is ______ best option to travel to Mathura.
  3. Pick out the modal auxiliary in the sentence given below and mention its purpose.

    (1 × 4 = 4)
    1. Ravi may be visiting Mumbai this weekend.
    2. You should buy the product online.
    3. Raj can play the guitar.
    4. Ranjan used to go to gym every day.
  4. Identify the types of sentences. (simple, compound, or complex)

    (1 × 5 = 5)
    1. Abdul lives in Lahore.
    2. Ranjan likes to play cricket but he doesn’t get time.
    3. Sunitha can cook Italian food.
    4. Aditya left his home when the rain had stopped.
    5. seema wanted to change her seat for today.

    Section B

  5. Read the poem given below:

    (1 × 5 = 5)

    “In the class discussion Jane, you hardly said a word.

    We all aired our opinions but from you we barely heard.

    You sat and stared in silence surrounded by the chatter,

    Now tell me Jane,

    and please be plain,

    is there anything the matter?”

    Jane looked up and then she spoke,

    Her voice was clear and low

    “There are many people in this world

    Who are rather quiet you know!”

  6. Answer the following questions:

    (1 × 5 = 5)
    1. How is Jane’s nature different from others in the class? (1)
    2. How was the voice of Jane while speaking?(1)
    3. How is your behaviour in the class? (1)
    4. Pick out the pronoun in the sentence and state it’s kind:There are many people in this world who are rather quiet you know (1)
    5. Write the antonyms of words from the passage:hazy, noisy.(1)
  7. Read the passage given below and answer the following questions:

    (1 × 4 = 4)

    Once there lived a poor farmer named Mahendra. He used to plough his field and earn for his livelihood. One day while he was ploughing he hit something hard underneath, he kept digging and finally was surprised to see a big metal barrel inside. The barrel was made of silver, it was big and shining and quite heavy. He was so tired that he put his spade in the barrel and fell asleep for some time. When he woke up , Mahendra saw many spades inside the barrel. He was surprised and to verify what he just saw he took out the spades and put a coconut inside. In no time ,he was surprised to see that there were hundreds of coconuts in the barrel. He brought the barrel home and the next day sold all those spades and coconuts and got good amount s of money. This way he started keeping cereals, lentils, and other grains inside the barrel and next day used to sell them in the market and earn huge amount s of money. In a few months ,he became the richest person in the village. But soon the people around got the hint of his prosperity and reported to the king. Being aware of the possible danger ,Mahendra painted the barrel and put water inside so that nobody couldguess anything seeing a water-filled barrel. The king sent his soldiers the next day who searched every corner of his house but could not get anything and returned empty handed. Mahendra was happy but that night he thought for a long time. He had already gathered enough wealth so the other poor people in the village should also get a chance to turn their fortune wheel. So the next day he carried the magic barrel to the king and apologized to the king for hiding it and also requested him to make the barrel available to he other poor people in the village so that they can get rid of their poverty. The king was very impressed with this request and gifted him with two cows for his honesty and selflessness.

    1. What was the barrel made of ?(1)
    2. What did Mahendra put inside to verify the power of the magic barrel? (1)
    3. How did Mahendra use the magic barrel?(2)
    4. What trick did Mahendra use to hide the barrel from the soldiers?(1)
    5. What reward did the king give Mahendra for being honest and selfless?(1)
    6. What are the main characteristic traits of Mahendra.(2)
    7. Make sentences with the following words: apologize, huge, guess, gather.(4)
  8. Change the tense into past perfect in the following sentences:

    1. Geeta was doing her homework.
    2. Atul went to Dehradun.
    3. Preeti will prepare the presentation.
    4. Sugandha lives in Old Delhi.
  9. Do as directed:

    (1 × 6 = 6)
    1. Mrinal has got the highest marks in mathematics. (change the degree into comparative)
    2. Aarti has purchased a new mobile phone. (change into a ‘wh’ question)
    3. Pragya texted me _________. (Fill up with adverb of time )
    4. I was watching tv ______ she called me.( Fill up with conjunction)
    5. Please ask him to bring an umbrella. (Change into a complex sentence)
    6. They played the game ______ the rules. (Fill up with a preposition)

    Section C

  10. Answer the following questions within 150 words:

    (2 × 4 = 8)
    1. Write a notice about the closure of the school library for maintenance on a particular day.
    2. Write a paragraph on your favourite hobby.

* you can download question and solution paper

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