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Sample Paper



Level: 04

Subject: English

Class 5

Answer all the questions.

Section A

  1. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate degree of adjective.(1 × 5 = 5)
    1. Raghu is ________ (smart) than Suresh.
    2. Interstellar is the ________(good) movie I have seen so far.
    3. August is ________ (wet) than September.
    4. Russia is _______(big) than India.
    5. Cotton is the ______ (soft) material.
  2. Identify the types of sentences: (1 × 5 = 5)
    1. The train leaves at 11am.
    2. How old are you?
    3. It’s really great news!
    4. May I ask you something?
    5. Please help me.
  3. Fill in the blanks with subordinate conjunctions given in the bracket.(where, while, or, if, unless)((1 × 5 = 5)
    1. I won't go to the movie____ he comes along with us.
    2. Sailee has to accept the study for the exam ___ she will fail.
    3. You should remember _____ you kept the wallet
    4. Rashmi won't attend the party _____ you invite her.
    5. I met with your dad _____ waiting at the bus stop.

Section B(8)

  1. After the passengers had taken their breakfast the train gave a shrill whistle and braked with a jerk and came to a halt. Passepartout, a French passenger went to see what the matter was. There was nothing to be seen. The train had halted in the middle of nowhere. There was no station in sight. He heard the signalman say, “The train can't go on. The bridge near Medicine Bow won't support the weight.” It was a suspension bridge and some of its cables were broken. The driver of the train said, “Perhaps there is a chance of getting across the bridge by letting the train proceed at maximum speed.” “All aboard,” said the conductor. The passengers got on the train and the driver reversed the train for nearly a mile. Then he gave another whistle. The train began to move forward so fast that it was frightening. The passengers had the feeling that the train was not resting on the tracks but was floating through air. As the engine shrieked and the train shuddered they were over the bridge in a flash! As soon as they passed over the Medicine River, the bridge crashed down into the raging waters below. The train continued its course that evening without interruption.


    1. Why did the train brake with a jerk and come to a halt? (2)
    2. What was the only probable way of getting across the bridge?(1)
    3. What did the passengers feel after the train moved forward? (2)
    4. What happened to the bridge once the train crossed the Medicine River?(1)
    5. Find synonyms of the words from the passage
      1. stopped
      2. roaring
  2. Use a modal auxiliary to of possibility to complete the given sentence.(1)
  3. Read the passage given below and answer the following questions.(14)

    Once there lived two brothers Hari and Shyam. Hari was the elder brother and Shyam was younger than Hari. They were not just brothers but also very good friends. Although Hari was 6 years elder to Shyam, they always played together in the village. Their parents trusted Hari enough to know that he would take good care of Shyam. One day, while playing near the well, Hari lost his balance and fell into the well. Shyam, the younger brother, was very frightened to see this and started screaming for help, but unfortunately nobody was there. Meanwhile, while struggling in the water Hari was losing hope to survive. Shyam caught sight of a bucket tied with a rope. Without wasting time Shyam threw the bucket into the well and tied the other end of the rope to the trunk of a tree nearby. Hari got hold of the bucket and Shyam started pulling the rope. Shyam was thinner and shorter than his elder brother; In spite of that, he tried his best and gradually pulled Hari out from the well. When they told the villagers and even their parents nobody initially believed it. But their grandfather was an experienced man. He told everybody, “Well, there is nothing unbelievable here. Shyam was not aware of his limits and had no options. So he gave his best and saved his brother. You only know your true strength when you test yourself!”.

    1. What are the qualities of Shyam?(2)
    2. Which son did the parents trust to keep their son safe?(1)
    3. What did Shyam use to pull out Hari from the well?(1)
    4. Make sentences with the following adverbs: unfortunately, initially, suddenly, gradually(2)
    5. Fill in the blanks with adverbs and state their type.(4)
      1. Avni did not come to the school _________.
      2. Ritesh was driving _____; so he couldn’t reach on time.
      3. We ______ want the best result.
      4. Gautam was talking so ____ that we couldn’t hear.
    6. Write the antonyms of the words from the passage: -(2)
      1. younger
      2. faraway
      3. individually
      4. grandmother

Section C

  1. Answer the following questions within 200 words:(8+7=15)
    1. Write a story on the outline given below. Vinod wished for car- wish fulfilled by God- saw a car outside his gate- parked the car- a man saw Vinod- man offered him a job- Vinod agreed.
    2. Narrate an experience where you showed bravery.
  2. Write a letter to your teacher requesting for an excursion to the zoo from the school. (5)

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