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Most parents today stray away from the traditional model of school admissions for kids. They prefer to enroll their child in a school that has more modern facilities and methods of teaching. Alongside those parents looking for school admission in Gurgaon want a more modern approach to nursery admission in Gurgaon.

At Orchids, the International School, we work hard to provide our potential parents and students a stress-free, transparent, and inclusive admissions process to give everyone an equal chance for quality education. Parents can also avail the benefits of our online admission form for school and the virtual school tours so that they can make an informed decision about which school application form they want to fill.

Starting with pre-nursery admission in Gurgaon, we ensure that our students get the best possible start to their educational journey. However, most parents approaching us are looking for nursery school admission Gurgaon. Also part of our early years’ program, parents can easily fill the nursery application form and wait for our representative to detail the process further. The representative from Orchids will also give you a tour of the school either in person or online. Then parents may be asked to fill a nursery admission form that has to be submitted along with any other documents listed in the CBSE admission form.

Like most schools, we also take primary school applications as well as applications for higher classes. The process for school admission in Gurgaon Orchids is similar to nursery admission in Gurgaon. Parents can download the school admission form and submit it along with the required documents mentioned in the school admission form. Parents looking for school admission for kids in Grade 6 or higher would have to undergo an online Baseline assessment test for the class they apply to. ‘ Getting school admission in Gurugram is not difficult due to the number of schools that have been opened in recent years. However, at Orchids, you can rest assured that your child is safe and in good hands. We care about all of our students who seek school admissions in Gurgaon and ensure that we give everyone who approaches us a chance at a bright future.