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Admission Enquiry 2023-24

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When it comes to choosing a school for their child, parents usually do their due diligence and find the perfect one. However, the process of CBSE school admission in Hyderabad is very stressful, and many times it feels like parents have to jump through hoops to get CBSE school admission in Hyderabad. At Orchids, the International School, we have taken time to create an admission in Hyderabad process that is more streamlined, inclusive, and less stressful for the parents. Our team will help parents right from downloading the online admission form for school to the time the child sets foot on the campus. With our 100% online School admission in Hyderabad process, parents can also take a virtual tour of the school before deciding whether or not to finalize the school admission for kids.

Parents looking for nursery school admission in Hyderabad would first have to fill the nursery application form available on the school website. After that, a representative from the school will contact the parents and share all the relevant information they may need to complete the school admission in Hyderabad process. Once parents confirm they want admission in Hyderabad branch of Orchids, they can submit the nursery admission form and the required documents mentioned in the same. Once the school admission form is submitted, the school will notify parents about the further steps.

Those parents who seek admission for older kids would have to fill in the primary school application and follow a similar process to confirm the school admission in Hyderabad branch of Orchids. Only students filling the CBSE admission form for Grade 6 and higher will have first to attempt an online Baseline assessment test so that the school can gauge the level of the child’s knowledge as well as if they are eligible for admission in the call they want.

When potential parents choose Orchids Hyderabad school admission, they can rest assured that it will be a hassle-free process without undue stress. All they have to do is fill the school application form and wait for guidance from the school. For more information about the school, parents can also download the online Brochure or get a physical copy of the same sent to their desired address.