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Not only is Kolkata the cultural capital of India it is also famous for the National Library present there. It is also the center for Modern education, science, and politics. It is only natural that the schools here are some of the best in the country. Some would think that getting CBSE school admission in Kolkata would be a breeze; however, the process of school admission for kids is not as easy as it seems. Most schools have a highly complex process for school admission in Kolkata, from going to the school to collect the CBSE Admission form to finally submitting the school admission form, which is more of a hassle for the parents. But at Orchids the International School, we have streamlined our CBSE school admission in Kolkata in such a way that potential parents can work their way through it with ease.

Parents looking for admission in nursery in Kolkata need to visit our website and fill in the nursery application form. In a few days, a representative from the school will contact them with further instructions. From downloading the online admission form for school to the final interview process will be clearly explained. The representative may also iånvite the parents to visit the school or guide them through a virtual tour and answer any additional questions about school admission in Kolkata. The parents can then submit the filled nursery admission form along with all of the required documents mentioned in the same.

Parents with older kids looking for school admission in Kolkata and submit a primary school application and follow a similar process as above. Only those students who need school admission in Kolkata for Grade 6 and above will need to attempt an online Baseline Assessment Test that will give the school an idea of the child’s previous knowledge and if they are eligible for admission in the school. This test will be assigned to the student after they have filled the required school admission form. Parents looking for additional information about the school can also download an online school brochure or ask for a physical copy of the booklet to be sent to their desired address. On the same page, parents can also find the Early Years Program brochure and the SHARPER brochure, which will help them understand how school admission in Kolkata Orchids can benefit their child.