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Sources and Uses of Water

1.Name Three Natural Sources of Water and Give Examples.

Three natural sources of Water are as follows:

  • Precipitation/ Rainfall: Rainfall is a natural source of Water.
  • Groundwater: The Water from rainfall seeps through the pores of the top soil layer and is stored below the subsoil layer, which is called groundwater.
    Plants absorb groundwater through their root hairs.
    Humans collect ground water from tube wells and by using hand pumps.
  • Surface water: Rivers, oceans, lakes, streams, and ponds are excellent surface water sources. Both humans and animals can collect Water from these surface resources.

2.What Are the Causes of Water Shortage?

The reasons for the shortage of Water are as follows:

  • Water sources are exploited everywhere due to rapid industrialisation and urbanisation.
  • Water resources are overused in the name of agriculture.
  • Some industries use excessive Water to generate hydroelectric power for running machines which encourages water exploitation and scarcity.
  • Some people do not use water resources judiciously for domestic purposes.

3.What Are the Differences Between Sleet and Hail?

The differences between sleet and hail are as folloaws:

4.What Is an Aquifer?

  • The lowermost layer of the soil profile that stores Water is called an aquifer.
  • Groundwater which we use collects in aquifers.

What is and aquifer

5.What Are Artesian Wells?

  • Artesian wells are natural wells from which Water flows under the influence of natura pressure without pumping.


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