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Orchids The International School - Tumkur

The world has been going through a rapid transition, as we witness an explosion of technological advancements, touching almost every aspect of our lives, including education. That's why educators have to be ever ready to empower the future generations in a manner that will make them competent to take on unseen challenges.
That's why, with an eye on the future, Orchids the International School, one of the best International Schools in Tumkur, towers over the other schools, by implementing the latest techniques and teaching methodologies in our classrooms.
Being a leading name in the academic field for many years, ORCHIDS believes education is best imparted both in the classrooms and outside them. Using a hands-on approach, we have successfully blended theoretical knowledge with real-life experiences. Our campus is equipped with world-class infrastructure, so that children are given ample opportunities to showcase their academic as well as extracurricular talents. We have developed our unique philosophy, known by the acronym of "SHARPER", standing for values such as Self- discipline, hard work, Research, Reflective and Indicative thinking etc. to devise our curriculum.
The modern education system focuses on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) to groom and guide future innovators. Many Western countries have incorporated it into their schooling systems, aiming to make children adapt to problem solving of tomorrow. In this regard, Orchids The International School, has woven STEM subjects into its core curriculum, so that our students are at par with their global peers. We intend to make children find their innate talents, polishing and nurturing them to fruition. We hope to make their dreams a reality by offering the right guidance.
We believe children should be empowered through education to achieve excellence in their chosen field. In that sense, we are doing our own bit in creating a generation of sharp minds and innovators.

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