Orchids The International School - Vashi

Orchid’s the international school gets featured in the list of emerging CBSE schools in Mumbai that have a top notch national & internal curriculum.

The school follows a curriculum that aims at helping your child develop their dominant learning modality using Dr Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligence theory.

The multiple intelligence theory states that each child has their own unique way of grasping information through one, two or even a combination of the following intelligences;

By tapping into these dominant intelligences using state of the art technology that includes Tab labs, Language labs and accelerated learning techniques - Orchids The International school is on it’s way to becoming one of the best CBSE Schools In Kurla.

Below are the overview of all the bus routes that our school provides for the Vashi Branch.

Kopari Gaon , RTO office , Fam Society , Kalash Udyan , Bonkode Village , Tulsi Society , Vashi Road, Palm Beach Road, Sector 6 , Sector -11 , Sector – 19 , Sector - 4.

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PLOT No. 6 A , Kopari , Sector – 26,
Mafco Road , Vashi
Maharashtra - 400603

Contact No: 7710017107

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