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Orchids International School: Pune's Leading Centre of Immersive Learning

The preferred destination for academic excellence in Pune, Orchids International School has been honored multiple times in the prestigious Asian Education Leadership Awards and Times Education Survey. By imparting education through the adoption of modern and indigenous methodologies, Orchids has emerged as Pune's leading centre of immersive learning for both Indian and International students.

Ranked among the best CBSE schools in Pune, Orchids empowers students with a holistic 360° development through innovative and fun visualizations, quizzes and interactive 3D modules. Along with a focus on overall development, Orchids ensures the safety and security of students with round the clock monitoring of school premises through dedicated supervisors and high definition CCTV cameras. We take pride in creating an environment of excellence in our campus with an advanced curriculum and efficient admission processes, so that the school becomes a second home for our domestic and international students, encouraging them to learn more and more.

Our Schools in Pune are located at-

  • Ambegaon
  • Nigdi
  • TathaWade
  • Undri
  • Pre Primary Curriculum


    • The early years of a child are the most crucial stage for the brain and overall development.

    • Our EYP curriculum focuses on setting a strong foundation in children to develop certain skills to make them critical thinkers and life-long learners.

    • We accomplish this by engaging them in activities that stimulate their imagination and encourage them to question day-to-day occurrences they witness.

    • Our highly qualified teachers are experts in attending to their intellectual curiosities and swaying their minds in the right direction.

    Top Schools in Pune- Primary


    • During the primary stage of education, our curriculum is meticulously designed to strengthen the core concepts, giving them a clear understanding of the topics that have a crucial significance throughout their academic term and the terms ahead.

    • Thus, providing a strong base for the knowledge they will continue to build in the coming years. We do this through our innovative teaching methods, focusing on the application of concepts and creating a hands-on experience for students, using learning kits and practical methods.

    • what a child learns in his/her primary years is never forgotten if taught well, and that is what we emphasize on.

    top 10 Schools in Pune


    • We lay our emphasis on the all-round grooming of our students making them ready for the challenges in pursuing higher education, future-employment and presenting themselves as citizens of the world.

    • ORCHIDS Career Foundation Program (OCFP) has been introduced where IIT graduates train students for competitive exams like – AIPMT, JEE, NEET, CLAT, etc.

    • We have also introduced the Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) program that integrates these subjects into a cohesive learning paradigm based on real-world applications.

    Curriculum at Orchids the International School, Pune

    • Playschool Curriculum: Our playschool curriculum focuses on augmenting the student's learning abilities through interactive modules, exciting field trips, and lively classroom discussions. The emphasis in these formative years is on creating an environment where students feel motivated to question, analyze, and be creative to develop their cognitive abilities. By employing these diverse methodologies we are able to catch their attention and improve their grasping power through an approach of hands-on learning.

      Besides the core subjects, we have also incorporated arts and crafts, dance, public speaking, and swimming in our curriculum. Thus, by empowering students with a wholesome development, we ensure they are able to progress to higher grades smoothly and face the future with confidence. Owing to these salient features devised by our highly qualified faculty members, and the state of the art infrastructure in our campuses, Orchids has secured a prominent position in the list of best schools in Pune.

    • Primary School Curriculum: Building upon the foundation laid in our preschool curriculum, the primary school curriculum stresses on improving the conceptual understanding of core subjects. To achieve this objective, our primary curriculum incorporates thematic and integrated learning to help students associate their classroom lessons with their surroundings and real life examples. This thematic learning interweaves all concepts required to learn at primary stage in a more coherent manner to promote learning with understanding and discourages rote learning.

      Our primary curriculum includes English comprehension (creative writing, prose, poetry, drama, and non-fiction), Language training (National, International languages as second, third, fourth options), Mathematics (with focus on problem-solving, logical reasoning and developing analytical skills), Environmental Science (exploring higher concepts in environmental science). This approach towards imparting education with a focus on 360' developments differentiates us from other schools and prepares our students for the challenges of the modern world.

    • Secondary Curriculum:To foster core competency needed to succeed in higher education, Orchids International School offers secondary school education in all streams like humanities, science and commerce from both CBSE and ICSE boards.

      Our secondary school curriculum focuses on developing student's grasping powers through advanced learning modules like robotics kits and unique teaching methods developed by our highly experienced faculty comprising IITians and PhD holders. Along with a focus on regular exams, our exclusive initiative "Orchid Career Foundation Program" prepares secondary school students for various competitive exams like JEE, NEET, GRE and CLAT, etc.