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Admission Enquiry 2023-24

A Journey To A Better Future Begins With Us


Your child’s first steps to a successful future start today.

With excellent education and a supportive environment, children can make all of their dreams come true. At Orchids the International School, we believe in providing quality education while having fun.

We believe that school admission for kids should not be a tiresome process for their parents. By streamlining the CBSE school admission in Bangalore, we have given our potential students and their parents an effortless experience from the get-go. Parents do not even have to visit the school to collect a school admissions form. With online admissions and online admission form for schools, parents just need to log onto our website and download the CBSE admission form.

For Nursery admission in Bangalore, parents need to first download the school application form. This will notify us that the parent is looking for school admissions in Bangalore Orchids. Our representative will then contact the parents and provide them with details about the Bangalore International School Admissions. They will then be provided with the nursery admission form that has to be filled and sent to the school, along with the list of documents that are mentioned in the nursery application form.

In the case where parents are looking for a primary school application for their child, they would have to follow a similar process and enroll the child in a class suitable to their previous completed exam or age. In case of school admissions in Bangalore needed for a child in Grade 6 or above, the child will have to undergo a Baseline Assessment Test to check if they are eligible for the applied Grade.

Parents can also request a digital copy of our school prospectus or have a physical copy of the prospectus mailed to their home before filling the school admission form to make a more informed decision when choosing the right school for their child.

Parents looking for school admissions in Bangalore who choose Orchids as their school of choice can rest assured that their child is in good hands.

With 16 branches spread widely across Bangalore, students from all over the city are welcome with open arms to any one of our schools.