Academic Curriculum

Academic Curriculum followed in Orchids – The International Schools

At Orchids The International School, we believe in integrating the best international methods with the traditional Indian Values. Apart from theoretical knowledge imparted through books, the teaching process emphasizes on creative thinking, critical analysis, collaborative Learning and application of knowledge.

The objectives of our curriculum have been laid out as per the developmental characteristics of each age group. At Orchids – The International School, all schools in Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Pune, every student goes though the following life phases:

Pre primary Joy
Play group, Nursery , LKG & UKG The child attempts to understand the world around him and develops a strong foundation for formal education.
Primary Curiosity
Classes 1, 2, & 3 The child masters the basics of various subjects and develops understanding of several co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, which fosters holistic personality development.
Middle school Inquisition
Classes 4-6 Middle School curriculum has been designed to prepare the children for more rigorous academic requirement for high school.
High school Career
classes 7 though to 12 We focus on getting the child’s fundamentals right to ensure he is ready for the stream he wishes to pursue whether in India or abroad.

Until primary (class 5) our academic system seamlessly merges with the best of CBSE,ICSE & IGCSE board. The Board followed across all our schools from Grade 8 onwards is CBSE .Till Grade 7 we integrate and expose the students to the best practices of both the national and the international curriculum framework.

A central academic team provides curriculum, training and support to all the Orchids schools. Hence ensuring standardization and uniformity across all schools. Faculty members of the Central Academic Team are highly qualified and have years of teaching experience behind them.

The curriculum is based on the Multiple Intelligence Theory of Dr Howard Gardner. We cater to students with different dominant intelligence through our multi-sensorial lesson plans. According to Howard Gardner,each individual has a way of learning and engaging with the world which is unique to him and this he refers to as Intelligence: There are a total of eight intelligences:

  1. Verbal-Linguistic (word smart)
  2. Logical-Mathematical (Logic smart)
  3. Bodily-Kinesthetic (body smart)
  4. Visual-Spatial (design/picture smart)
  5. Musical-Rhythmic (sound smart)
  6. Interpersonal (people smart)
  7. Intrapersonal (self smart)
  8. Naturalist (nature smart)


Our curriculum abounds in experiences that cater to each of the above intelligences. These experiences help the students to Learn faster as it teaches them in a way that they Learn.

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