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The Right Age for Class 2


Prakriti Dhodare




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The government of India has decided the particular age of a child’s education under the rules of each state. According to the state government, before entering class 2, children should complete LKG, UKG, and class 1. Based on what the government has decided, a child should be at least six years old before starting class 2. The child must complete the age of 3 when they begin school. Therefore, if your child attends school continuously without a break, then at the age of 6-7, they must be in class 2.

In 2020, the Ministry of Education recently introduced a rule called the School Bag Policy. It states that students should not be given homework until class 2 since they cannot sit for long hours. In addition, students’ school bags should weigh 10% of their body weight.

When a child enters kindergarten, they learn to make friends and interact with others. In grades 1 and 2, the curriculum stresses principal subjects, weekly activities, language skills, and technology-based innovation. Extra-curricular activities are also crucial. It intensifies a child’s social skills, where they start learning about decision-making, teamwork, and concentration. It also boosts their confidence.

The Minimum Age for Class 2 Admission

The minimum age for entering class 2 is 6 or 6 plus years in Orchids International School. Our educational brochure comprises everything that you wish to know about our curriculum. We believe in “Shaping minds, touching lives, building child’s second homes”.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the appropriate age for class 2 in CBSE?

Answer: The appropriate age for class 2 in CBSE is 6+ years. It depends upon the age criteria of each state, which the Education Department of every state has decided.

2. What is the minimum age for Class 2 in Karnataka?

Answer: The minimum age for class 2 in Karnataka is 7 years. The Karnataka Education Department has increased the age from 5.10 to 6 years for Class 1. So, the minimum age for Class 2 must be 6.10 to 7 years.



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