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Centrifugal Force Calculator

Welcome to our Centrifugal Force Calculator - the ultimate tool for understanding and calculating centrifugal force. Whether you're a student, engineer, or simply curious about physics, this calculator provides a quick and easy way to grasp the concept and compute centrifugal force values.

What is a Centrifugal Force Calculator?

A Centrifugal Force Calculator is an online tool designed to help users determine the centrifugal force acting on an object moving in a circular path. It considers parameters like mass, radius, and angular velocity to calculate this force, making it a valuable resource for those working with rotational motion and dynamics.

What is the formula to calculate the Centrifugal Force Calculator?
The calculator employs the following formula:

Fc=m × r × ω2

  • Fc is the centrifugal force,
  • m is the mass of the object,
  • r is the radius of the circular path and
  • ω is the angular velocity.
Why use our Centrifugal Force Calculator?
  • Precision: Accurate calculations based on the provided parameters.
  • Efficiency: Quickly obtain results without manual computations.
  • Learning: Perfect for educational purposes and gaining insights into physics.
Solved Illustrated Examples:
  • Mass (m): 2 kg
  • Radius (r): 3 m
  • Angular Velocity (ω): 4 rad/s
  • Fc = 2 × 3 × (4)2=96 N

  • Mass (m): 5 kg
  • Radius (r): 2 m
  • Angular Velocity (ω): 6 rad/s
  • Fc = 5 × 2 × (6)2=360 N

  • Mass (m): 1.5 kg
  • Radius (r): 4 m
  • Angular Velocity (ω): 5 rad/s
  • Fc = 1.5 × 4 × (5)2=150 N

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Centrifugal Force Calculator be used for any object in circular motion?


Is there a limit to the values I can input into the calculator?


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