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Points and Lines

1) Samuel and Daniel Were Playing a Game. They Have Drawn All the Symbols on the Flowchart. The Game’s Rule is that they have to Mark With a ✓ tick if the Symbol Has a Corner and Mark With a 🗴 Cross if It Doesn’t Have Any Corner. Samuel Is Finding Pictures With Corners, and Daniel Is Finding Pictures With No Corners. Find How Many Pictures Each One of Them Could Find Below, Picture Following the Rules of the Game.


Their answer will be

So, Samuel found 6 pictures with corners, and Daniel found 2 without corners.

2) Nisha and Rupsha Are Playing a Game. Nisha Is Finding the Symbols With a Curve Line in the Below Flowchart, and Rupsha Is Finding the Symbols With Only a Straight Line in the Flowchart. Nisha and Rupsha Decided to Color Those Symbols Red and Blue, respectively. What Will the Picture Look Like?


The picture will look like

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