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NCERT Solutions for Social Science Chapter 3 – Why do we Need a Parliament

NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Social Science Chapter 3, titled "Why do we need a Parliament," play a pivotal role in elucidating fundamental concepts related to the parliamentary system—a crucial aspect of political science. This chapter serves as a cornerstone for students, offering a comprehensive understanding of the significance and functioning of a parliament in a democratic setup.

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Why do we Need a Parliament

Question 1 :

Why do you think our nationalist movement supported the idea that all adults have a right to vote?

Answer :

People lived in terror of the British government during colonial control, and they did not agree with many of their actions. They were subjected to unfairness and were unable to express their views.

  1. They would be in grave danger if they attempted to criticise the British government's actions.

  2. The independence movement changed this, as nationalists began to publicly criticise the British administration and demand freedom and equality.

  3. They asked that elected members of the legislature have the ability to debate and raise questions about the budget.

Based on colonial control and the engagement of many people in the war for independence, it was assumed that all citizens of independent India would be allowed to participate in decision-making. These concepts were included into the Indian Constitution, which established the principle of universal adult franchise, or the right to vote for all adult citizens of the country. Citizens can participate in the formation of the government and oversee its operation in this way.

As a result, the nationalist movement backed the idea of universal adult franchise, which would allow citizens to elect their government and participate in its decision-making processes.


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