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Sample Paper



Level: 02

Subject: English

Class 1

Answer all the questions.

  1. Look at the picture and fill the blanks with ‘in’, ‘on’, ‘under’, and ‘up’. (1×4=4)
    1. The dog is ______ the table. G1_1_QP2_Table.jpg
    2. The cat is _______ the chair. G1_2_QP2_Plant.jpg
    3. The toy is ______ the box. G1_3_QP2_Box.jpg
    4. The man is going ________. G1_4_QP2_Stairs.jpg
  2. Complete the sentences using the given words. (1/2×8=4)


    1. The_____ is dancing.
    2. ______ lives next to my house.
    3. You can cross the _______by boat.
    4. ________are red in colour.
    5. We see many birds during _______.
    6. _______are sweet to taste.
    7. _______ is our country.
    8. The _______ is high in the sky.
  3. Choose the correct action words and fill the blanks. (5×1=5)
    1. I am ______ a cake. (baking/cooking)
    2. I am ______ a poem. (writing/sleeping)
    3. Riya is ________ milk. (eating/drinking)
    4. He is ________ a song. (dancing/singing)
    5. Geeta is ________ cricket. (playing/reading)
  4. Choose the correct word to complete the sentence. (4×1=4)
    1. There were many _______in the basket.
      1. apple
      2. apples
    2. The market has many ________.
      1. shop
      2. shops
    3. We have one ______ for our teacher in our classroom.
      1. table
      2. tables
    4. My friend gave me a __________.
      1. plant
      2. plants
  5. Do as directed. (5)
    1. Which type of word is underlined in the given sentence?

      The cat is white in colour. (1)

      1. naming words
      2. doing words
      3. describing words
      4. plural words
    2. Underline two pronouns from the given sentence. (2)

      They will meet her next morning.

    3. Which option will complete the sentence meaningfully?

      I _____________football with my friends. (1)

      1. play
      2. is play
      3. playing
      4. are play
    4. Which person is a cobbler? (1)

      The person in picture ____ is a cobbler.

  6. Fill in the blanks with has/have to complete the sentences. (6)
    1. Soham ______ a big book at home. (has/have)
    2. They _____eaten their ice creams. (has/have)
    3. She _____gone to play. (has/have)
    4. Rohan _____a set of toy cars in his room. (has/have)
    5. Mohit and Kenny ____studied for their exams. (has/have)
    6. Duttaraj _______eaten dal and rice for lunch. (has/have)
  7. Read the passage carefully and answer the questions. (10)

    Sundari was a big red, white and blue kite. When Bobby made her she smiled at him.“You are beautiful and I will call you Sundari,” he said. One day, Bobby took Sundari to the fair. The band was playing and everyone was smiling. A merry-go-round was playing a happy little tune. It was carrying lots of boys and girls round and round on its wooden animals. Bobby looked for an open space where he could run and fly his kite.

    1. Who is Sundari? (1)
    2. Who made Sundari? (1)
    3. Why was it named Sundari? (1)
    4. Where was the happy tune coming from? (1)
    5. Why did Bobby look for open space? (1)
    6. Underline the naming word in the given sentence. (1)

      One day, Bobby took Sundari to the fair.

    7. Underline four describing words from the given sentence. (2)

      Sundari was a big red, white and blue kite.

    8. Find a word from the given sentence that is the opposite of ‘sad’. (1)

      A merry-go-round was playing a happy little tune.

    9. Find a word from the given sentence which rhymes with ‘night’. (1)

      Sundari was a big red, white and blue kite.

  8. Write a few words on ‘My Family’. (1×6=6)
  9. Look at the picture carefully and write six sentences about it.


    Use the words given in the box below. (1×6=6)



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