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Sample Paper



Level: 03

Subject: English

Class 1

Answer all the questions.

  1. Look at the pictures and fill in the blanks. (1x4=4)

    G1_1_QP-3_Pig.jpg P___.

    G1_2_QP-3_Tiger.jpg T____.

    G1_3_QP-3_fish.jpg F______.

    G1_4_QP-3_Rabbit.jpg R______.

  2. Read the following sentences and write whether the underlined words are proper nouns or common nouns next to each sentence. (1×5=5)
    1. Doctors give medicines to treat sick people.
    2. Suresh wants to be an astronaut.
    3. He broke my new toy.
    4. My birthday is in April.
    5. Autumn is my favourite season.
  3. Fill the blank with the word ‘has/have’. (1×5=5)
    1. Raghav _____ a pet fish.
    2. I _____ a blue pen.
    3. Sana and Max _____ an exam today.
    4. It _____ a big tail.
    5. You _____ a long hair.
  4. Fill in the blanks with the correct word given in the bracket. (1×5=5)

    (dentist, vet, cobbler, policeman, carpenter)

    1. A person who treats a sick animal is called a________.
    2. A person who makes and repairs wooden objects is called a _________.
    3. A person who mends shoes is called a __________.
    4. A person who treats teeth related problems is called a ______.
    5. A person who catches thieves is called a _________.
  5. Fill in the blanks with the correct describing words that best match the naming words. Choose the words given in the bracket. ( 1×5=5)

    (hot, cold, big, busy, brave)

    1. As _____ as lion.
    2. As ____ as ice.
    3. As ____ as bee.
    4. As ____ as sun.
    5. As ____ as elephant.
  6. Read the passage and answer the questions. (2×8=16)

    A tiger was dozing under a tree. A mosquito came buzzing by. The tiger said, “Hey! Mosquito! Go away!” The mosquito said, “Why should I go away? I am not afraid of you!” The tiger was angry. He hit out with his paw. The mosquito flew off. The paw struck his own cheek. The blow scraped his cheek. It began to bleed. The mosquito buzzed away. The tiger struck with his other paw. The mosquito flew off.

    1. What was the tiger doing?
    2. What did the tiger say to the mosquito?
    3. Why did the tiger become angry?
    4. What happened to the tiger when he tried to hit the mosquito?
    5. What do you do when a mosquito buzzes around you?
    6. Write an opposite word from the story, which is the opposite word of ‘calm’.
    7. Identify two action words from the given sentence.

      He hit out with his paw. The mosquito flew off.

    8. Identify a word from the story that rhymes with ‘glow’.
  7. Write an essay on the topic ‘The Monsoon Season’.

    Use the words given below to write your essay. (5×1=5)

    (rain, water, puddles, rainbow, paper boat)

  8. Number the picture in order by writing 1, 2 & 3 in the given box. Write a story using the correct order.





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