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Sample Paper



Level: 01

Subject: English

Class 2

Section A

Answer all the questions.

  1. Fill in the blanks with the right adjective. (1×10=10)
    1. They live in a _________ house.
    2. Ravi is an _______ person.
    3. The _____ car is parked near my gate.
    4. He likes to watch ______ movies.
    5. I got some ______ mangoes.
    6. My sister is a ______ lady.
    7. Ram and Sneha are _____ friends.
    8. She has a ______ dress.
    9. Varun got hurt while working with the ______ knife.
    10. There is a _____ bird sitting on the balcony.
  2. Match the following. (1 × 4 = 4)
    1. Playing G2_1_QP1_Girl.jpg
    2. Eating G2_2_QP1_Cycle.jpg
    3. Cycling G2_3_QP1_Play.jpg
    4. Running G2_4_QP1_Sit.jpg
    5. Sitting G2_5_QP1_Run.jpg
  3. Choose the correct proper noun from the options to fill the blanks. (1 × 6 = 6)
    1. They live in a _________ house.
      1. He
      2. Ravi
      3. They
      4. His
    2. I live in __________.
      1. Home
      2. There
      3. India
      4. Market
    3. ______is very kind.
      1. Shruti
      2. She
      3. We
      4. Cat
    4. ______ lives close to my house.
      1. He
      2. Her
      3. next
      4. Namita
    5. Kunal will go to ________ next month.
      1. Food
      2. Delhi
      3. English
      4. Shop
    6. ______ is my best friend.
      1. car
      2. food
      3. Virat
      4. He
  4. Complete the sentences using the correct helping verb. (1 × 6 = 6)
    1. Yesterday, we _____ our lunch very early. (have/had/is/are)
    2. They _______ sitting in the room. (are/is/was/have)
    3. She _______ talking to someone. (are/is/have/would)
    4. There ________ many people inside the shop. (is/have/are/will)
    5. February ______ twenty-eight days. (has/have/is/are)
    6. Who _______ your maths teacher? (is/are/will/have)

Section B

  1. Read the extract given below and answer the questions. (2×4=8)

    Once there was a girl with curly hair. Her name was Curlylocks. One day she went into the forest near her house. She saw a cottage. ‘Is anybody in’ she asked. There was nobody. The Bear family lived in the cottage. They had gone for a walk.

    1. Where did Curlylocks go, and what did she see?
    2. What did Curlylocks ask after entering the house?
    3. What did she find after entering the house?
    4. Identify two nouns from the passage.
  2. Read the poem and answer the questions. (1 × 5 = 5)

    The Rain is raining all around
    It falls on the fields and tree
    It rains on the umbrellas here
    And on the ships at the sea

    1. What is the rain doing all around?
    2. Which are the other places does it rain fall on?
    3. What would you find in the sea?
    4. Find a pair of rhyming words from the poem.
    5. What protects you from the rain?
  3. Find the pronouns in the given sentences. (5)
    1. The children are playing in the park. You should join them!
    2. You can also learn the piano.
    3. We are going to the water park this week.
    4. Taste these chocolates. They are very sweet!
    5. Come, let us study together.
  4. Read the given story and complete the story with the help of the picture. (3 ×2 = 6)

    Neetu visits her grandmother every summer. Neetu enjoys her time with her grandmother’s farm. Nitu’s grandmother takes care of the farm. Neetu’s grandmother has many animals on the farm. There were ______cows, ______ horse, _____ dog, ______ pigs and ______ hens. The animals graze on the farm. There was a small _______ in the farm from where the animals drink water. There was a dog whose name was Tom. He is Neetu’s favourite out of all the animals. Every summer, _______ visits her grandmother and spends a lot of the time with her. Neetu loves to play with the animals and also spends time with them. The animals also love Neetu as well.


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