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Sample Paper



Level: 02

Subject: English

Class 3

Answer all the questions.

Section A

  1. Find the verbs in the following sentences.(1x4=4)
    1. The boy cried out loudly when another boy stepped on his shoe.
    2. Sachin borrowed my storybook.
    3. Rohan caught him red-handed when he took Rohan’s pen.
    4. The hunter killed the bird.
  2. Complete the following sentences using suitable prepositions.(1x5=5)
    1. Shalu is studying ____ her room. (on, at, in)
    2. There is a gift ____ the table. (onto, on, in)
    3. I woke up ___6am in the morning today. (in, at, under)
    4. Seema found the ring _____ the table. (at, under, upon)
    5. Paro had an injury right _____her left eye, so her cheek was swelling. (into, inside, below)
  3. Write a suitable collective noun for each of the following.(1x5=5)
    1. A_______ of flowers.
    2. A _______ of cattle.
    3. A _______ of bees.
    4. A ______ of sailors.
    5. A _______ of fruits.
  4. Punctuate each sentence by rewriting the given sentences.(½×6=3)
    1. I am a smart girl
    2. What a cute baby
    3. mary, why are you late today
    4. I have bought grapes apples and chocolates
    5. delhi is the capital city of India
    6. Oh that’s a beautiful gown
  5. Add suffix to the words in the brackets and complete the sentences.(1×4=4)
    1. I look_____(for) to hearing from you.
    2. My new shirt has a ______(blue) tinge to it.
    3. You can opt for a ______(month) pass to travel in local train.
    4. It seems that today is the ______(cold) day of the year.

    Section B

  6. Read the passage and answer the following questions.(15)

    There was great joy in Nina’s house. Nina's aunt was getting married. Nina, her father, mother and little brother were all going to Delhi for a wedding. Everyone was happy, except Nina. Her mother took her to the market to buy a new dress. “What colour would you like?” Mother asked. “I don't want a new dress, Mother,” said Nina.“ then?” Nina shook her head. “What about those lovely white shoes you saw last week?” “I don't want those, either. Thank you, Mother.” Nina’s mother was upset, but she said nothing. They went back home and had lunch. After lunch mother came and sat near Nina. “What is it, child?” she asked. “Why did you say 'no' to everything?” “Mother, I don’t want to go to the wedding.” “But why?” Nina said nothing. Instead, two big tears rolled down her cheeks. Mother put her arms around Nina. “Don’t cry, my pet,” she said. "Why don't you tell me what’s bothering you?” More tears rolled down Nina’s cheeks. “Mother,” she said, “there’s a sparrow’s nest on the bookshelf in my room. And there are two baby sparrows in the nest.”

    1. Why was everyone happy at Nina’s house?(1)
    2. Why tears rolled down Nina’s cheeks? (1)
    3. Where did Nina’s mother take Nina?(1)
    4. What was Nina’s mother going to buy? (1)
    5. What did Nina’s mother and Nina do after they got home from the market? (1)
    6. What did Nina’s mother do after lunch? (1)
    7. Why was Nina’s mother upset? (2)
    8. What solution did Nina’s mother give on hearing her problem?(2)
    9. Below are the pronouns from the above extract. Write a sentence of your own for each of them (1×3=3)
      1. her
      2. everyone
      3. you
    10. Find the adjectives in the sentences given below: (2)
      1. There was great joy in Nina’s house.
      2. “What about those lovely white shoes you saw last week?”
  7. Write the tense of the given sentences. (5)
    1. Rohan and Shamu went to the fair with their parent.
    2. The old lady pulled her spectacles down and looked over them around the room.
    3. I didn’t think too much about the incident.
    4. Jacob stiches his collar with white thread.
    5. The boy will stop by the station next week.

    Section C

  8. Write a letter to your friend to congratulate on scoring high marks in the final examination.(1×4=4)
  9. Look at the picture given below and write a story of your own. Use the clue words to write the story.(1×5=5)

* you can download question and solution paper

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