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Sample Paper

Level: 03

Subject: English

Class 3

Answer all the questions.

Section A

  1. Change the tense of the given sentences as suggested in the brackets.(1×5=5)
    1. I sing a song. (Change into the simple past tense)
    2. She plays every day. (Change into the simple future tense)
    3. They will meet us tomorrow. (Change into the future continuous tense)
    4. I read a book. (Change into the past continuous tense)
    5. They live near the children’s park. (Change into the simple past tense)
  2. Complete the sentences by using the appropriate conjunctions - and, or, because, but. (½×4=2)
    1. Would you like to have a cup of tea ___ coffee?
    2. He was crying ______ he fell down.
    3. She worked hard ____ lost the game.
    4. Raman ____ Sudha are cousins.
  3. Choose the suitable adverbs from the bracket and complete the sentences. (½×6=3)
    1. Praveen left________ from his football practice. (today, early, sometimes)
    2. She had her lunch _______. (quick, quickly, quicker)
    3. She ___________slipped on the banana peel. (accidentally, usually, normally)
    4. We will go to a movie ___________. (still, soon, recently)
    5. The train ________ arrived at the station on time. (soon, quickly, finally)
    6. Sourav wrote his homework ________. (frequently, neatly, since)
  4. Fill in the blanks using is, are and am.(½×6=3)
    1. My class teacher _____ fond of me.
    2. They ______not from this college.
    3. Bangladesh _______ our neighbouring country.
    4. We ______ not keeping well.
    5. I ____ a professor.
    6. Suresh and Priyanka _______buddies.
  5. Write the gender of the underlined words. (1×3=3)
    1. Priyanshu is my brother.
    2. A gentleman came to meet my grandmother.
    3. The king loves his daughter.

    Section B

  6. Read the extract and answer the following questions. (15)

    A yellow butterfly flew around in Sonu’s garden. Sonu saw the butterfly. He ran to catch it. The butterfly flew to the rose bed. It sat on a red rose. “Now I can catch it!” said Sonu. He walked slowly and silently to catch the butterfly. He came closer, closer, and still closer, but then...Off flew the butterfly! Where did the butterfly go? Near the garden was a pond. In the pond was a white lotus. Around it grew round leaves. They floated in the water. The butterfly sailed on a floating leaf. Sonu went splash into the water and...

    1. What is the colour of the butterfly?(1)
    2. Where did the butterfly sit on? (1)
    3. What happened when Sonu tried to catch the butterfly?(1)
    4. What was near the pond? (1)
    5. What did the white lotus look like in the pond?(2)
    6. Who saved the butterfly when it was stuck on the web? (1½)
    7. How did this story end? (1½)
    8. Find synonym of the word ‘look’ from the passage. (1)
    9. Find the adjective in the given sentence. (2)
      1. In the pond was a white lotus.
      2. It sat on a red rose.
    10. Use a conjunction ‘and, or’ to join the two sentences.(1)

      Sonu saw the butterfly. He ran to catch it.

    11. Write the plural form of the following nouns and make a sentence with its plural form.(1x4=4)
      1. butterfly
      2. rose
      3. tree
      4. spider
    12. Write true or false for the following statements. (½×4=2)
      1. Sonu saw a yellow butterfly. ______
      2. In the pond was a pink lotus. ________
      3. The butterfly sailed on a floating leaf. ________
      4. Sonu first saw the butterfly in his room. ________
  7. Complete the sentences by choosing the correct auxiliaries. (3)
    1. The team ______ to work together and prepare a chart on the topic.
      1. has
      2. have
      3. am
      4. is
    2. Mohit __________ going on an adventurous trip today.
      1. was
      2. has
      3. is
      4. are
    3. Karan ______ eat ice-cream today.
      1. had
      2. is
      3. will
      4. was

      Section C

  8. Write a letter to your friend wishing him/her a happy birthday as you cannot visit your friend on his/her birthday that day. (5)
  9. Look at the picture carefully and describe it in your own words. (1×5=5)
  10. Write a short story based on the sequence of pictures given below. (4)

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