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Sample Paper

Level: 01

Subject: EVS

Class 3

Answer all the questions.

  1. Fill in the blanks by using the words given in the box:(1 × 3 = 3)

    bananas, igloo, thorns

    1. The roses have ________ on their trunk.
    2. Appu likes to eat ___________ every day from the trees.
    3. A home that is made of snow is called an ________.
  2. State whether the following statements are True or False.(1 × 5 = 5)
    1. A lizard walks from one tree to another.
    2. In big cities, most of the people live in chawls.
    3. After getting water, the drooping banana trees become fresh and alive.
    4. People use animal carts, trucks and pushcarts to transport and sell their goods.
    5. Water and wood are essentially required to make the bricks.
  3. Choose the correct option.(1 × 3 = 3)
    1. Our first school is our—
      i) College ii) Playschool
      iii) Family iv) Friend
    2. Potters use clay to make—
      i) Tables ii) Pots
      iii) Chairs iv) Books
    3. An injured animal need—
      i) Care ii) Surprise
      iii) Medical treatment iv) Both i) and iv)
  4. Match the columns:(1/2 × 10 = 5)
    Column A Column B
    a) A sound of a frog i) A group of people related to each other
    b) Forests ii) Metal tools
    c) Tapioca iii) Fruits
    d) Mudra iv) Weaving
    e) Woodpecker v) Marker
    f) A plant gives us vi) Croak Croak!
    g) Blacksmith vii) Kerala
    h) Thippi viii) Feed on insects
    i) Family ix) Diversity of plants
    j) Dupatta x) Expressions by hands
  5. Give one-word answers for the following:(1 × 7 = 7)
    1. Name one thing essential for life.
    2. Who has milk as the only food?
    3. The movement of which facial part helps a person with a hearing disability understand the conversation of others?
    4. What is very essential to the children like Deepali?
    5. Which type of games our grandparents mostly played during their childhood?
    6. Which thing can be done for birds during hot summers?
    7. Name one important source of water in the villages of a desert.
  6. Answer the following questions in one sentence.(1 × 3 = 3)
    1. Name the two things that taste delicious even if eaten raw.
    2. How does the train move?
    3. How do the people from Assam protect their houses from the heavy rains?
  7. Answer the following questions in brief:(2 × 9 = 18)
    1. If asked to, then how will you keep your school clean?
    2. How do you think your mother will express herself if you break a flower vase at home?
    3. While travelling on the train, what things do you observe?
    4. Name a few works that happen on or near the road.
    5. What do you know about a Braille script?
    6. What are the differences between letter writing and telephone calls?
    7. Mention two ways each for ‘saving water and ‘wasting water.
    8. Look at the picture and answer the questions—
      1. Considering Shoeba, where is Ketan sitting? (1)
      2. Where is the drawing board kept? (1)
    9. Describe any two garments in your house by filling the following table—
      Name of the garment Rough/Soft Colour Design
  8. Answer the following questions:(3 × 2 = 6)
    1. Write a short essay using the following words—

      Himalaya, hot water spring, rain, waterfall, river, flood.

    2. Guide Ruchira in the following task with directions and turns as per the given map.

      From her house to the nearest hospital – Get the medicines from the shop in the hospital – Return to her house.


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